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An orange mineral that can be mined.

Type: Menu Icon Gems.png Gem
Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 240
Found: Plaza
The Docks
The Courtyard

Topaz is a gem which can be found mining rock nodes using the pickaxe.

It can be found inside nodes in Dreamlight Valley in the Plaza, and on Eternity Isle in the regions of The Docks and The Courtyard in Ancient's Landing. There is a chance when mining the same nodes to find Shiny Topaz, which is a less common and more valuable variant.

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Crafting Unlocks

The following crafting recipes are unlocked after picking this item up for the first time.

Crafting Recipes

Topaz is a required material in the following crafting recipes.

Image Name Crafting Recipe
Black Wrought Iron Streetlamp.png
Black Wrought Iron Streetlamp

Iron Ingot (5)
Glass (2)

Cozy Companion Home.png
Cozy Companion Home

Softwood (15)
Sunflower (5)
White & Red Hydrangea (5)
Topaz (1)

DJ Booth Rig.png
DJ Booth Rig

Iron Ingot (100)
Topaz (6)
Aquamarine (6)
Tourmaline (6)

Iron Crafting Station.png
Iron Crafting Station

Iron Ingot (10)
Hardwood (10)

Lamppost with Yellow Light.png
Lamppost with Yellow Light

Iron Ingot (3)

Mickey Mouse Water Tower.png
Mickey Mouse Water Tower

Iron Ingot (100)
Topaz (10)
White Bell Flower (5)

Mining Training Manual.png
Mining Training Manual

Topaz (2)
Aquamarine (2)
Peridot (2)
Dreamlight (5000)

Tree of Holiday Cheer.png
Tree of Holiday Cheer

Glass (15)
Fabric (10)
Sugarcane (25)
Topaz (3)

Wooden Crafting Station.png
Wooden Crafting Station

Iron Ingot (10)
Hardwood (10)
Red Falling Penstemon (3)

Wooden Lamppost with Yellow Light.png
Wooden Lamppost with Yellow Light

Dry Wood (4)
Iron Ingot (2)

Yellow and Blue Speckled Path.png
Yellow and Blue Speckled Path

Plastic Scrap

Yellow Light High Beach Torch.png
Yellow Light High Beach Torch

Softwood (5)
Fiber (5)
Sand (3)

Yellow Light Low Beach Torch.png
Yellow Light Low Beach Torch

Softwood (5)
Fiber (5)
Sand (3)

Quest Objectives

Topaz is an objective during the following quests.

Quest Required Use
Menu Icon Quests.png A Space Ranger Recruit Buzz Lightyear.pngFriendship 2.png 1 Deliver to Scrooge McDuck
Menu Icon Quests.png Hakuna Matata Simba.pngFriendship 2.png 3 Trade for Relaxing Oasis (optional)