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Update 8 Loading Screen.jpg
Update Information
Update Number: 20

(Update 8 Hotfix 3)

Released: 2024 January 22
Update Timeline
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Update 8 Hotfix 2 Update 9


Update 8 Hotfix 3 ( released on 22 January 2024 on Steam, Epic, Switch, Xbox, Microsoft Store, Apple Arcade, and Mac App Store[1].

Bug Fixes
  • Crafting when using the Glitchy Pixel Duplicates causes materials to disappear
  • Fixed an issue where Fairy Godmother model freezes during her WoL animation.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when selecting Dreamlight menu while offline on Windows Store.
  • Fixed an issue where the Glitchy Pixel Duplicates from a players storage were not showing in the counter in the crafting menu.
  • Fixed an issue where some IP's had placeholder icons.
  • Fixed an issue where the Flynn figurines were part of the Frozen collection rather than the Tangled one.
  • Fixed an issue where fishing Ripples would only appear when approaching at close range.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the Right Rose Eyepatch would block the player from changing outfits.
  • Fixed unreachable fishing locations in Ancient's Landing biome.
Bug Fixes & Changes

Changes listed below in italics are unofficial and not part of the release notes