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Disney Dreamlight Valley was released on Nintendo Switch, Steam, the Epic Games Store, the Microsoft store, Playstation and Xbox on 06 September 2022. Support for Mac was added in Version 1.2.


Update Version Release Date Notes
"Enchanted Adventure" Update 1.7.0 13 September, 2023 Added Beauty and the Beast Realm, new Characters (Belle, The Beast), Haunted Holiday Star Path
Update 6 Hotfix 1 1.6.1 14 August, 2023 Bug fixes
"DreamSnaps" Update 1.6.0 19 July, 2023 DreamSnaps Feature introduced, new Character (Vanellope)
"The Remembering" Update 1.5.0 7 June, 2023 Added Story content, new Character (The Fairy Godmother), The Wonder of Pixar Star Path, Saved Outfit Mannequins, Touch of Magic for Furniture
"Pride of the Valley" Update 1.4.0 5 April, 2023 Added The Lion King Realm, new Characters (Simba, Nala), Disney Parks Star Path, and Eggstravaganza Event
Update 3 Hotfix 1 1.3.1 28 February, 2023 Bug fixes
"A Festival of Friendship" Update 1.3.0 16 February, 2023 Added new Characters (Mirabel, Olaf), Centennial Star Path, introduced House Dream Styles, and Premium Shop
Update 2 Hotfix 2 1.2.3 17 December, 2022 Bug fixes
Update 2 Hotfix 1 1.2.2 16 December, 2022 Bug fixes
"Missions in Uncharted Space" Update 1.2.0 6 December, 2022 Added Toy Story Realm, new Characters (Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Stitch), Festive Star Path, festive items, introduced Character Dream Styles. Added support for Mac.
Update 1 Hotfix 2 1.1.3 1 November, 2022 Bug fixes
Update 1 Hotfix 1 1.1.2 31 October 2022 Bug fixes
"Scar's Kingdom" Update 1.1.0 19 October, 2022 Added new Character (Scar), new quests, Villains' Star Path, Halloween items.
Early Access Hotfix 1.0.5 15 September 2022 Bug fixes
Early Access Release 1.0 6 September 2022 Launched game into Early access, made available Founder's Packs, Pixar Fest Star Path

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