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Digging Screenshot.png
Type: Menu Icon Digging.png Activity
Tool: Shovel
Energy: Energy.png 50 - 40
Friendship Reward:
Friendship.png 20 per hole dug
Friendship.png 40 if Digging Role

Digging is an activity involving the use the Shovel to dig holes, fill holes, and remove obstacles. Digging can be used to acquire a variety of materials primarily used to craft components and furniture, as well as Dream Shards and Night Shards.

Digging is essential in the preparation of land for Gardening.

Digging and Filling

A player filling some holes in Sunlit Plateau.

To begin Digging, the Shovel must first be equipped from the Tool Wheel. Once equipped, any viable plot of land may be dug up by using the Shovel. When a plot has been dug, a hole will be left behind. These holes can be Filled in turn by using the Shovel on them. Multiple Digging or Filling actions can be performed in a row by pressing and holding the action button.

Digging a hole has a chance of yielding crafting materials native to the Biome. There is also a chance of obtaining Dream Shards and Night Shards from Digging Sparkling Holes in any Biome.

The holes created by digging can be used in Gardening to plant Crop Seeds.

Removing Holes

Holes created by Digging can be removed in 3 ways: filling actions by the Player, using Furniture Placement Mode, or simply waiting for them to disappear with time.

Since holes count towards the Item Limit, a common strategy to easily remove large numbers at a time is to use Furniture Placement Mode as an alternative to manually filling the holes. Use an item with a large footprint, such as a Rug or Goofy's Stall, and repeatedly place it over the holes to fill them - they will highlight in orange before the object is set down, indicating that they will disappear when the item is placed. The largest rug in the game currently is Lion-Patterned Rug, which is 12x12 units.

Holes will naturally disappear after about a day.

Energy Cost

Main article: Energy

At the start of the game, each hole dug requires Energy.png 50. Each upgrade to WALL-E's Garden reduces energy cost by 2%, capping at 20% reduction at level 10, reducing energy cost per hole dug to Energy.png 40. Filling holes does not require any energy.

Villager Companions

When reaching level 2 Friendship with a Villager they can be assigned a Role. Villagers who have been assigned the Digging Role will gain extra Friendship for every hole dug or filled. They also have a chance to drop extra crafting materials while they're following and anything is unearthed. Extra materials they produce will be dropped on the ground, and can be picked up by running over them.

Each level of friendship increases the rate which extra materials will drop. It's not only effective for leveling up Friendship with these characters, but extremely helpful for offering bonus materials when digging. Be sure to always bring a Companion along when digging!


Image Name Sell Price Locations
Amber Star Coin icon.png 30 Wild Tangle
Bones Star Coin icon.png 20 Glittering Dunes
Clam Star Coin icon.png 45 Dazzle Beach
Clay Star Coin icon.png 20

Glade of Trust
Sunlit Plateau
Forgotten Lands

Green Reward Chest.png
Green Reward Chest

Peaceful Meadow
Dazzle Beach
Forest of Valor
Glade of Trust
Sunlit Plateau
Frosted Heights
Forgotten Lands

Oasis Glass.png
Oasis Glass Star Coin icon.png 20 Glittering Dunes
Pearl Star Coin icon.png 10

Ancient's Landing

Pebbles Star Coin icon.png 10

Dazzle Beach
Forest of Valor
Sunlit Plateau
Forgotten Lands
Wild Tangle

Sand Star Coin icon.png 8 Dazzle Beach

Glittering Dunes

Scallop Star Coin icon.png 50 Dazzle Beach
Snowball Star Coin icon.png 25

Frosted Heights

Soil Star Coin icon.png 3

Peaceful Meadow
Forest of Valor
Glade of Trust
Sunlit Plateau
Frosted Heights
Forgotten Lands
Ancient's Landing

Sparkling Mounds

Main article: Sparkling Hole

Sparkling Mounds randomly spawn on viable patches of earth in every Biome in Dreamlight Valley. The follow items can be obtained from Sparklings Mounds.

Image Name
Dream Shard.png
Dream Shard
Night Shard.png
Night Shard

Dreamlight and Memories

There are no rotating Dreamlight Duties or Dreamlight Achievements associated with digging. There are 4 Memories consisting of 10 Memory Pieces each that can only be found by digging.

WALL-E Memory 1.png
Broken Memory Pieces 2.png
Moana Memory 2.png
Broken Memory Pieces 6.png
Wreck-It Ralph Memory 3.png
Broken Memory Pieces 6.png
The Little Mermaid Memory 2.png
Broken Memory Pieces 10.png


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.5: Appearance of contiguous holes updated