Ratatouille (Universe)

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Ratatouille light.png Ratatouille
Ratatouille Memory 2.png
Type: Universe
From: Ratatouille (2007 film)

Ratatouille is a universe in Disney Dreamlight Valley based on the Pixar animated film Ratatouille (2007).

The film stars Remy, a rat with a passion for cooking, and follows his journey to become a chef in Paris.

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There is currently no flooring from Ratatouille in game.

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Ratatouille Memory 1.png
Broken Memory Pieces 6.png
Memory Icon cooking.png
Find exclusive Memory Pieces when cooking
Ratatouille Memory 2.png
Broken Memory Pieces 8.png
Memory Icon fishing.png
Find exclusive Memory Pieces when fishing
Ratatouille Memory 3.png
Broken Memory Pieces 2.png
Memory Icon gardening.png
Find exclusive Memory Pieces when gardening
Ratatouille Memory 4.png
Broken Memory Pieces 7.png
Memory Icon critters.png
Find exclusive Memory Pieces when feeding critters
Ratatouille Memory 5.png
Broken Memory Pieces 9.png
Memory Icon flowers.png
Find exclusive Memory Pieces when watering flowers