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Type: Menu Icon Characters.png Character
From: Ratatouille (Universe).png Ratatouille
Voiced By: Patton Oswalt
House: Remy's House
Unlock Quest: Menu Icon Quests.png An Important Night at the Restaurant Ratatouille (Universe).png

Remy is a character from the Pixar film Ratatouille (2007).

He's encountered after travelling through one of the initial three realm gates, the Ratatouille Realm, and can be invited to the Valley after completing his necessary quests and placing/purchasing his home.


Inside the Ratatouille Realm you must complete the quest Menu Icon Quests.png An Important Night at the Restaurant given by Remy. After completing this quest and placing Remy's House he'll move to the Valley.


Main article: Time.
Time Location
Icon Sleeping.png 12:00 AM Unavailable. Sleeping inside his home.
Icon Eating.png 1:00 AM Chez Remy working inside the Restaurant
Dreamlight Valley.png 5:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting his home.
Icon Eating.png 11:00 AM Chez Remy working inside the Restaurant
Dreamlight Valley.png 2:00 PM Wandering the Valley or visiting his home.
Menu Icon Scrooge Store.png 4:00 PM Scrooge's Store browsing clothing and furniture items for sale.
Dreamlight Valley.png 6:00 PM Wandering the Valley or visiting his home.
Icon Sleeping.png 9:00 PM Unavailable. Sleeping inside his home.

Friendship Rewards

Remy will award the following rewards when Friendship levels are reached. Friendship can be leveled up through gifts, quests, conversation, or by hanging out.

Lvl Image Name Type
Friendship 2.png
Oven and Hood.png
Oven and Hood Furniture
Friendship 3.png
Chef Remy Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 4.png
Star Coin icon.png 500
Friendship 5.png
Fruits Poster.png
Fruits Poster Furniture
Friendship 6.png
Remy Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 7.png
Star Coin icon.png 1,000
Friendship 8.png
Off-Shoulder Bag.png
Off-Shoulder Bag Clothing
Friendship 9.png
Rat and Spoon Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 10.png
Remy's "Best Chef" Shelf.png
Remy's "Best Chef" Shelf[1] Furniture
  1. Rewarded after completing the quest Menu Icon Quests.png The Unknown Flavor (Friendship 10.png Remy Level 10)


Remy's House
Main article Remy's House

Remy's House is a large Paris-style apartment building, which visually matches his restaurant Chez Remy.

Chez Remy

Main article Chez Remy

Remy reopens his restaurant after the quest Menu Icon Quests.png A Restaurant Makeover. Villagers will visit the restaurant daily for meals, and his pantry sells ingredients not available anywhere else.


Realm Quests

Friendship Quests

Daily Discussions

Do you have a question?

Is there an organization that inspects food safety in the Valley?

→  I don't think so.
Remy.png Well, we need one. I want people to know it's safe to eat at my restaurant.
Remy.png Actually, you've cooked with me. Maybe you could give the restaurant a safety rating?
→  I can do that.

Great! All right. I'm ready. Go ahead.

→  Why would you want that?
Remy.png Because I want my restaurant to be certified "safe."
Remy.png I want people to feel confident eating there.
Remy.png Actually, you've cooked with me. Maybe you could give the restaurant a safety rating?

How would you rate my restaurant on safety?

→  Extremely safe.
Remy.png Excellent!
Remy.png I was certain everything was up to code, but it's nice to have the reassurance.
→  Pretty safe.
Remy.png Excellent!
Remy.png I was certain everything was up to code, but it's nice to have the reassurance.
→  Unsafe, but only when villains eat there.
Remy.png Oh. That's a good point. Maybe I should put up rules for villains?
Remy.png But they're villains, so they'll just break the rules...
Remy.png I need to think about this.
Got a question for me?

Player, question for you -- when you're cooking, do you prefer to experiment or follow a recipe?

→  Experiment!
Remy.png I love that! You'll never find new flavors if you're not willing to combine things in unexpected ways.
Remy.png Of course, don't be afraid to follow a recipe sometimes. Making a meal exactly to specifications is an art form in itself.
→  Follow the recipe.
Remy.png Very smart. Making a perfect meal exactly to specifications is an art form.
Remy.png But don't be afraid to get messy, play around, and experiment.
Remy.png Combine ingredients in unexpected ways and see what happens.
→  I just hope for the best and try not to burn anything...
Remy.png Hey, don't sell yourself short!
Remy.png You're a great cook. Just keep combining things together and you'll find new recipes.
How are the new recipes going?

You've gotta taste this! It's not really a smoky taste. It's more of a...ZAP-KAPOW kind of taste!


What do you think?

→  Delicious!

Right?! Go ahead! It's all yours.

→  Definitely ZAP-KAPOW.
Remy.png Right?! That's what I'm saying. I got it that way by being struck by lightning while I was cooking.
Remy.png It was intense, but worth it for the flavor!
→  Needs salt.
Remy.png Really? Let me taste it again...
Remy.png You're right! This is under-salted. Thank you!
Is running a restaurant as easy as cooking?

So, it turns out that running a restaurant is a lot different than cooking.

→  It is?

[continue to next line]

→  That makes sense.

[continue to next line]

→  Aren't they the same thing?

[continue to next line]


When you're cooking, you can focus on just the food. But a restaurant... is an entire experience! You have to decorate the space...


...manage the customers, order supplies, shop for ingredients... It's a lot of work.

→  Do you need help?

Actually, I'm okay. You already help me a lot, Player. And I really appreciate it.

→  Is it worth it?

Absolutely! It's completely worth it.

→  Maybe you should take a break.

No way! I love the work.


Having my own restaurant lets people experience my cooking. And watching them enjoy my food... there's nothing like it.

Let's talk about flavor!

Player, do you prefer savory things or sweet things?

→   Savory.

Good choice. That gives you an extremely wide variety of flavor profiles to enjoy.


Okay, do you enjoy salty, savory things? Or fermented things like cheeses? Or spicy stews?

→  Salty.
Remy.png Got it. I have to be careful not to make meals too salty.
Remy.png But a touch of salt improves almost any savory meal.
→  Fermented.

I agree. I hate to be a cliché, but I am INCREDIBLY fond of aged cheese.

→  Spicy stews.

Excellent! On a cold day, there's nothing better than a spicy, savory stew.

→   Sweet.

A sweet tooth, huh? Well, I've been getting more interested in desserts lately.


Do you like pure sweetness? Or maybe sweet and sour? Or fruity sweets?

→  Pure sugar.

Then you might like puff pastry with powdered sugar. I'll keep that in mind.

→  Sweet and sour.

Two flavors that complement each other amazingly! I'll keep that in mind.

→  Fruity.

Lots of desserts get their sweetness from fruit. It's a very natural source of sugar.

Teach me about baking!

Today is all about pastries.


I'm gonna try and push my restaurant's pastry game to the next level.


But I need to focus on one at a time. What's your favorite pastry, Player?

→  Croissants.
Remy.png Classic. Now, the trick to croissants is getting them crisp and flaky.
Remy.png Most people associate croissants with France...
Remy.png ...but did you know they were actually invented in Austria?
Remy.png True fact! Thank you, Austria.
→  Donuts.
Remy.png Donuts ARE a pastry. But I don't generally serve them.
Remy.png So I don't know much about making them.
Remy.png Which is something I should fix. Okay, I'm gonna learn about donuts!
→  I like them all!.

Ha! You sound just like my brother, Emile. He'll eat just about anything.

Tell me more about your job!

Do you know how many different kinds of cooks there are?


You've got sous chefs, sauciers, pastry chefs... The list goes on!

→   What's a sous chef?

Oh, a sous chef is very important! They're responsible for the kitchen when the chef's not around.


A sous chef has to know how everything works.

→  That sounds hard.

It is, so you need someone who's extremely qualified.

→  I bet I could do that.

You've already done it!


When you were in Paris, you were my sous chef!

→   What's a saucier?

Just what it sounds like! They're a chef who's entirely in charge of sauces.

→  I love sauces!

You should!

→  That doesn't sound very important.

Oh, but it is! Sauces can add a finishing touch, or infuse an entire dish with flavor.


A good sauce can make or break a dish.

→   Do pastry chefs only make pastries?

Yes. But there's no such thing as "only" a pastry. Pastries are very important.


Dessert is a customer's final experience with the restaurant.

→  A last chance to make a good impression.

Exactly. You get it.

→  I love dessert.

You and most of Paris! Which is why pastry chefs are so important.

What's up?

Y'know, Player, our senses of taste and smell are very connected to our memories.


I was just talking to Merlin about this. Being a chef is a bit like... magic. You can bring all those old memories back for people.


I bet you can think of lots of smells that would be like stepping through a portal in time.

→  Buttered popcorn...
Remy.png Mmmm! That smell must bring you right back to going to a cinema as a little kid...
Remy.png ...or being curled up on a couch watching a movie. Those are some pretty special memories.
→  Baked cookies...
Remy.png Ah, I can smell it now...
Remy.png Nothing beats the scent of baked cookies wafting from a kitchen to make you feel safe and taken care of.
→  Old gym socks...

Uh... maybe that memory is better left forgotten.

Where did you learn to cook?

Have you ever heard of Auguste Gusteau?

→  Yes.

Of course you have! He was possibly the greatest chef ever.

→  No.

Well, Gusteau is an amazing chef! And my idol.

→  Isn't he dead?

Well, yeah, he is. But while he was alive, he was an amazing chef.


I learned so much from him. About good food, savoring everything, and being brave.

→  Good food?
Remy.png Yes! He used to say: "Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell!"
Remy.png Eating is a full body experience. You have to engage all the senses!
→  Savoring everything?
Remy.png Yes! He used to say, "There is excellence all around you! You need only be aware to stop and savor it."
Remy.png So I always try to stop and savor everything.
→  Being brave?
Remy.png Yes! You have to be brave to be a great cook. You've got to try things that may not work, be willing to fail.
Remy.png "Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great."
Remy.png At least, that's what Gusteau said.
Where do you get your ingredients?

Player, did you know that when it comes to fresh ingredients, Chez Remy is the first Goofy-to-table restaurant?




Yep! Goofy's Stall provides me with all the freshest ingredients.


Of course, I have to import some rare items through Mr. McDuck.


Which can be a bit expensive...

→  It's worth it for quality ingredients.
Remy.png You're right! Of course.
Remy.png The price is worth it to create a world-class culinary experience.
→  Maybe you could work out a better deal with Mr. McDuck?
Remy.png But I'm just a restaurateur. What I know is food and the people who eat it.
Remy.png Mr McDuck's a world-class businessman. He'll start telling me about tariffs and import fees and supply chain issues...
Remy.png I bet if I tried to cut a better deal with him, I'd just end up paying twice as much!
→  Running a restaurant seems complicated.
Remy.png It is. But at the end of the day, it's also simple.
Remy.png You either make a meal that someone loves... or you don't.
Remy.png The rest of it doesn't matter.
You seem preoccupied...

Hey, Player. I've been thinking...

→  What about?

About cooking. Of course, I'm always doing that...

→  A dangerous pastime.

Yeah. That's what my brother always says.


But this time I was thinking about the Night Thorns and how we need to get rid of them.


So... what if I found a way to cook them?

→  I think they're poisonous.

You can cook some poisonous things in a way that makes them safe to eat. But I guess that would be too dangerous to try. I better give it some more thought.

→  I think they're mystically dangerous.

Mystical, huh? That sounds a little beyond me. Guess I better not mess with the Night Thorns.

→  I think they'd taste bad.

You'd be surprised at how bad some raw ingredients can taste. But sauté them, add a little garlic, and they can totally transform.


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.3: New Daily Discussion topics added: Got a question for me?, What's up?, Where do you get your ingredients?
  • 1.8: Changed sleep schedule