Shapeshifting Enchantment

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Shapeshifting Enchantment
Shapeshifting Enchantment.png

Everything you need for a Shapeshifting Enchantment.

Type: Menu Icon Quests.png Quest Item

Found: Crafted during quest
From: Menu Icon Quests.png Part of His World Friendship 3.pngPrince Eric.png
Crafting Recipe: White Impatiens.png White Impatiens (5)

Purified Night Shard.png Purified Night Shard (5)
Empty Vial.png Empty Vial

Shapeshifting Enchantment is a quest item which is collected during the quest Part of His World.


Menu Icon Quests.png Part of His World - Crafted during quest by combining 5 White Impatiens, 5 Night Shards, and an Empty Vial.


Menu Icon Quests.png Part of His World - Deliver to Prince Eric after catching Nautilus