Part of His World

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Part of His World
Prince Eric Quest
Prince Eric.png
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Friendship 3.png Prince Eric Level 3

Unlocked characters

Rewards: Unlock Ariel's Human Form

Part of His World is a Friendship Quest available from Prince Eric.

It's available after leveling Friendship with Prince Eric to level 3, and unlocking both Remy and Maui.

Quest Text

Eric wants to start investigating something Ursula said while he was her captive.

To help Eric and Ariel be together on land, you learn that you'll need to put together an enchanted item that will allow her to shapeshift.


White Impatiens.png White Impatiens (5)
Purified Night Shard.png Purified Night Shard (5)
Empty Vial.png Empty Vial
Garlic.png Garlic (4)
Onion.png Onion (4)
Lancetfish.png Lancetfish
Crab.png Crab