Dark Crystal

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Dark Crystal
Dark Crystal.png

A mysterious crystal that has gone dark.

Type: Menu Icon Quests.png Quest Item
Found: Forgotten Lands: Pedestal in ruins

Glade of Trust: Beside Mother Gothel's house
Frosted Heights: Bank of the river
Sunlit Plateau: Beside the watering hole

From: Menu Icon Quests.png A Deal with Ursula Ursula.pngFriendship 10.png

Dark Crystal is a quest item which is collected during the quest A Deal with Ursula. In total there are four that are collected during the quest, and then they're all placed on pedestals in the Forgotten Lands.


Menu Icon Quests.png A Deal with Ursula - Collect from Forgotten Lands ancient ruins on pedestal. Then collect three more in the village;
  • Glade of Trust -Beside the door to Mother Gothel's tree house, on the ground to the right near a large root.
  • Frosted Heights - On the east bank of the northern-most point in the river on the ground.
  • Sunlit Plateau - On the ground, on the south side of the plateau, about halfway between the river and the east border.

Quest Objectives

Dark Crystal is an objective during the following quests.

Quest Required Use
Menu Icon Quests.png A Deal with Ursula Ursula.pngFriendship 10.png 4 Deliver to Ursula, then collect three more and deliver to ruins pedestals