Dark Crystal

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Dark Crystal
Dark Crystal.png

A mysterious crystal that has gone dark.

Type: Menu Icon Quests.png Quest Item

Found: Forgotten Lands.png Forgotten Lands: Pedestal in ruins

Glade of Trust.png Glade of Trust: Beside Mother Gothel's house
Frosted Heights.png Frosted Heights: Bank of the river
Sunlit Plateau.png Sunlit Plateau: Beside the watering hole

From: Menu Icon Quests.png A Deal with Ursula Friendship 10.pngUrsula.png

Dark Crystal is a quest item which is collected during the quest A Deal with Ursula. In total there are four that are collected during the quest, and then they're all placed on pedestals in the Forgotten Lands.


Menu Icon Quests.png A Deal with Ursula - Collect from Forgotten Lands ancient ruins on pedestal. Then collect three more in the village;
  • Glade of Trust -Beside the door to Mother Gothel's tree house, on the ground to the right near a large root.
  • Frosted Heights - On the east bank of the northern-most point in the river on the ground.
  • Sunlit Plateau - The east side of the watering hole on the ground next to the water.


Menu Icon Quests.png A Deal with Ursula - Deliver to Ursula, then after collecting three more in the village deliver all four to pedestals