Electronic Component

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Electronic Component
Electronic Component.png

This looks like it came from a... machine?

Type: Menu Icon Quests.png Quest Item

Found: WALL-E's house and WALL-E Realm
From: Menu Icon Quests.png The Broken Memory Friendship 6.pngWALL-E.png

Electronic Component is a quest item which is collected during the WALL-E Level 6 Friendship quest The Broken Memory.


Menu Icon Quests.png The Broken Memory - There are two to collect, one is on the floor inside WALL-E's house. The other is in a sparkling digging spot in the WALL-E Realm.


Menu Icon Quests.png The Broken Memory - Used to craft F02937 M3 N07


Electronic Component is a required material in the following crafting recipe.

Image Name Crafting Recipe
F02937 M3 N07.png
F02937 M3 N07

Broken F02937 M3 N07.png Broken F02937 M3 N07
Electronic Component.png Electronic Component (2)
Tinkering Parts.png Tinkering Parts (12)