WALL-E Realm

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WALL-E Realm
Wall-E's realm profile picture.png
Residents: WALL-E
Found: Dream Castle (First Floor)
Unlock Cost: Free (if First Realm Unlocked)
Dreamlight.png 3,000

The WALL-E Realm is an area accessed through a door inside the Dream Castle. It's one of the initial doors available to open for free if selected first, or can later be unlocked for Dreamlight.png 3,000 Dreamlight.

In this realm players can meet WALL-E, complete his quests and invite him to move to the Valley.


Realm Quests

Environment Items

There are 2 Storage Containers:

Unlock Dialogue


Use your Dreamlight to open this door, and inside you'll meet a robotic little fellow of few words but great charm.

→  Let's open the door. (Use Dreamlight.png 3,000)

Most impressive! You may now visit the world of a clever little chap named WALL-E.

→  Perhaps some other time.

Fine, Fine. But remember: Only YOU have the power to open these doors.


Wall-E's realm view.png