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Roles are specializations assigned to characters which provide resource gathering assistance when you 'hang out' with them. A role can be selected for a character after the player levels up their friendship for the first time.

You can change a character's role by crafting Training Manuals and gifting them to the various characters.


Bonus Resources

Main article: Bonuses: Villager Companion Role Benefits

Hanging Out with a Villager while doing an Activity aligned with their Role creates a chance for the Companion to drop extra resources. Assigning additional Villagers to each Role will increase the bonus resource chance for all Characters with that Role.

The bonus chance of a resource when gathering while hanging out with a Villager with the matching Role is:

Bonus Chance = Base Chance + Active Friend Level + Inactive Friend Level

  • Base Chance: 20% for Gardening, and 25% for all other roles.
  • Active Friend Level: 3.5% per friendship level of the Villager hanging out, up to 35% at level 10 friendship
  • Inactive Friend Level: 1% per friendship level of all friends not hanging out, up to 10% each friend at level 10 friendship

This means bonus resources will be generated 100% of the time while hanging out if there are 5 Villagers assigned that same role (6 if the role is Gardening).

Roles do not impact the number of items yielded from removing spawning items. For example, Hanging Out with a Mining Companion will not yield more than the standard number of Stones when clearing Small Rocks.

Preferred Actions

Hanging Out with a Villager while doing an Activity aligned with their Role will reward additional Friendship XP. There is only one preferred action associated with each Role, and it rewards twice (2x) the default value (with the one exception of Failing Fishing). This preferred action is denoted by a triple-star animation above the Villager's head when each Activity action occurs (similar to a Gift), whereas a standard action only shows a single pink star animation.

Icon Activity Friendship Reward Value
Friendship Reward Value
(Role Aligns with Activity)
Menu Icon Digging.png Digging Friendship.png 20 per Hole dug Friendship.png 40 per Hole dug if Digging Role
Menu Icon Fishing.png Fishing Friendship.png 4 - Failure
Friendship.png 150 - Success
Friendship.png 20 - Failure if Fishing Role

Friendship.png 300 - Success if Fishing Role

Foraging.png Foraging Friendship.png 30 per Harvest action Friendship.png 60 per Harvest action if Foraging Role
Menu Icon Ingredients.png Harvesting Crops Friendship.png 15 per Harvest action Friendship.png 30 per Harvest action if Gardening Role
Mining.png Mining Friendship.png 150 per Rock Spot mined to completion Friendship.png 300 per Rock Spot mined to completion if Mining Role
Timebending.png Timebending Friendship.png 50 per Treasure found Friendship.png 100 per Treasure found if Timebending Role

Training Manuals

Image Name Crafting Recipe
Digging Training Manual.png
Digging Training Manual

Pebbles (20)
Sand (20)
Soil (30)
Dreamlight (5000)

Fishing Training Manual.png
Fishing Training Manual

Swordfish (2)
Bream (5)
Herring (10)
Dreamlight (5000)

Foraging Training Manual.png
Foraging Training Manual

Banana (30)
Blueberry (20)
Basil (10)
Dreamlight (5000)

Mining Training Manual.png
Mining Training Manual

Topaz (2)
Aquamarine (2)
Peridot (2)
Dreamlight (5000)

Gardening Training Manual.png
Gardening Training Manual

Corn (40)
Tomato (60)
Carrot (20)
Dreamlight (5000)

Timebending Training Manual.png
Timebending Training Manual

Dreamlight (5000)
Wooden Oar (10)
Dinglehopper (10)
Pink Bow (10)