Anna Figurine -- Celestial Base

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Anna Figurine -- Celestial Base
Anna Figurine -- Celestial Base.png
Type: Menu Icon Furniture.png Furniture
Categories: Miscellaneous.png Miscellaneous
Placement: 1x1 (Surfaces)
Costs: Star Coin icon.png 360
From: Scramblecoin rank up

Anna Figurine -- Celestial Base is a Frozen themed piece of furniture as well as an Anna board game piece in Scramblecoin.

It can be positioned and placed using furniture placement mode. It is unlocked by leveling up ranking by playing Scramblecoin, and once collected it will be added to the Eternity Isle Furniture Sets Collection and more can be ordered from Scrooge.

Unlocking Anna as a piece in Scramblecoin will grant both this figurine and Anna Figurine -- Purple Base.

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