Cozy Fireplace

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Cozy Fireplace
Cozy Fireplace.png
Type: Menu Icon Furniture.png Furniture
Categories: Essentials.png Essentials
Utilities.png Utilities
Wall.png Wall
Placement: 5x2 (Wall-Mounted, Bare Ground)
Costs: Star Coin icon.png 24,000
Reward From: Friendship 5.png Goofy Level 5
Environment: Indoor Only

Cozy Fireplace is a Mickey & Friends themed piece of furniture.

It can be positioned and placed using furniture placement mode. It is automatically awarded after reaching Friendship level 5 with Goofy, and once collected it will be added to the Dreamlight Valley Furniture Sets Collection and more can be ordered from Scrooge.

Unlike most Fireplaces, the Player cannot Interact with the object once it is placed in the world.


The thumbnail doesn't match the appearance of the item when placed in the world; there are no red or yellow picture frames present on the mantel.


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.1: * Updated appearance
  • 1.1: Increased purchase price from 4000 to 24000

* Denotes uncertain version.