Old Armchair

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Old Armchair
Old Armchair.png
Type: Menu Icon Furniture.png Furniture
Categories: Essentials.png Essentials
Seating.png Seating
Placement: 3x2
Costs: Star Coin icon.png 900
From: Player's House
Scrooge's Store

Old Armchair is a non-themed piece of seating Furniture.

It can be positioned and placed using furniture placement mode. It's found inside the Player's House when starting a new game, and is also available to purchase from Scrooge's Store. It can be collected either by purchasing it or picking it up. Once collected it will be added to the Furniture Collection, and more can be ordered from Scrooge's Catalog.


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.1: [1] Removed from Scrooge's Catalog. Did not appear in Scrooge's Store
  • 1.3: Added to Scrooge's Store, previously was unable to obtain more than one; Added to Furniture Collection, previously was not tracked; Added category Essentials; Updated image
  • 1.7: Universe changed from The Sword in the Stone to Other. Item is tracked twice in the Furniture Collection, and is counted in each Universe.
  1. This is an estimate - the exact update is unknown.