Volcanic Stove

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Volcanic Stove
Volcanic Stove.png
Type: Menu Icon Furniture.png Furniture
Functionality: Menu Icon Cooking.png Cooking Station
Categories: Utilities.png Utilities
Placement: 4x2
Costs: Star Coin icon.png 1
Reward From: Menu Icon Quests.png The Making of a Monarch Scar.pngFriendship 10.png

Volcanic Stove is a The Lion King themed piece of cooking station furniture. When interacted with players can cook meals.

It can be positioned and placed using furniture placement mode. It's awarded after reaching Friendship level 10 with Scar and then completing the quest The Making of a Monarch. Once collected it will be added to the Furniture Collection.


The ability to purchase this from Scrooge's catalog after unlocking it was removed in update 1.2. Since that update it can still be purchased from Scrooge's catalog for Star Coin icon.png 1 star coin, but only if the player is "hanging out" with Scar while shopping.


  • This item is based on the craters seen during "Be Prepared" in The Lion King.