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Mickey & Friends light.png Mickey & Friends
From: Mickey & Friends.png Mickey & Friends
Voiced By: Bill Farmer
House: Goofy's House.png Goofy's House

Goofy is a character from the classic Disney cartoons.

When the player arrives in Dreamlight Valley Goofy already lives there and has a house located in the Peaceful Meadow.


Players will have Goofy unlocked automatically when they begin a new game & his house will already be placed in the Peaceful Meadow, which can be accessed by using the Royal Pickaxe granted by the quest Menu Icon Quests.png The Royal Tools to remove the Large Rocks blocking the stairs from the Plaza.


Main article: Time.
Time Location
Icon Eating.png 12:00 AM Chez Remy eating inside the Restaurant.
Dreamlight Valley.png 1:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting his home.
Icon Sleeping.png 5:00 AM Unavailable. Sleeping inside his home.
Dreamlight Valley.png 9:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting his home.
Icon Eating.png 11:00 AM Chez Remy eating inside the Restaurant.
Dreamlight Valley.png 1:00 PM Wandering the Valley or visiting his home.
Menu Icon Scrooge Store.png 2:00 PM Scrooge's Store browsing clothing and furniture items for sale.
Dreamlight Valley.png 4:00 PM Wandering the Valley or visiting his home.
Icon Eating.png 11:00 PM Chez Remy eating inside the Restaurant.

Friendship Rewards

Goofy will award the following rewards when Friendship levels are reached. Friendship can be leveled up through gifts, quests, conversation, or by hanging out.

Lvl Image Name Type
Friendship 2.png
Yellow Athletic Sunglasses.png
Yellow Athletic Sunglasses Clothing
Friendship 3.png
Goofy Portrait Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 4.png
Star Coin icon.png 500
Friendship 5.png
Cozy Fireplace.png
Cozy Fireplace Furniture
Friendship 6.png
Goofy Shrugging Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 7.png
Star Coin icon.png 1,000
Friendship 8.png
Mickey Mouse Dresser.png
Mickey Mouse Dresser Furniture
Friendship 9.png
Goofy Fishing Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 10.png
Goofy's Signature Hat.png
Goofy's Signature Hat[1] Clothing
  1. Rewarded after completing the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Scrapbook Blitz (Friendship 10.png Goofy Level 10)


Goofy's House
Main article Goofy's House

Goofy's house is an orange roofed toon-style house with a green hat on top. It's found in the center of the Peaceful Meadow. It will be placed already when beginning a new game.

Goofy's Stalls

Main article Goofy's Stall
Goofy's stall before it has been repaired

Goofy also manages stalls in every biome except the Plaza. They will be placed already when beginning a new game, but need to be repaired.


Story Quests

Friendship Quests

Dream Styles

Style Name Unlocked
Goofy Default.png Goofy Default appearance
An Extremely Goofy Conductor.png An Extremely Goofy Conductor Disney Parks Star Path.png Disney Parks Star Path for Parks Token.png 50 (T6)

Daily Discussions

Do you have a question?
Goofy.png Gawrsh, we never had Night Thorns before the Forgetting. Why do you think they showed up?
→  They're just weeds.
Goofy.png You think? Well at least we can get rid of 'em like weeds! Cut 'em down, dig 'em up, and make the Valley safer for nicer plants.
→  I think they're attracted to negative emotions.
Goofy.png Hmm... that's an interesting idea. I know I'm unhappy when Thorns are around.
Goofy.png But am I unhappy 'cause of the Thorns? Or are there Thorns 'cause I'm unhappy? Gawrsh, that's a pickle of a question.
→  They're probably a metaphor.
Goofy.png A metaphor? You don't say. And all along I thought they were more like a simile.
Do you have time to talk?
Goofy.png Gawrsh, Player, you've got a sort of curious look on your face. Do you have a question for me?
→  How do you stay so cheerful all the time?
Goofy.png Well, I'm not always cheerful, but I sure try to be.
Goofy.png If I'm feelin' down, I try to think about a real good memory of spending time with my friends. That's sure to put a big smile on my face!
→  Why did you open a Stall?
Goofy.png I sorta just stumbled into it! I was walking down the street with some apples and ran into Uncle Scrooge. He asked how much they were, but I said he could just have one!
Goofy.png He said I shouldn't be giving' away somethin' for nothing. So, I asked him what I should do instead.
Goofy.png Then, before I knew it, I'd opened this Stall!
→  What's your favorite kind of sandwich?
Goofy.png Aw, that's easy. Every sandwich! Today, I'm really lookin' forward to the pickle and peanut butter on rye one I made last night.
Do you like running your Stall?
Goofy.png Ya know pal, my favorite part of runnin' my Stall is gettin' to spend all day talkin' to folks.
→   Who's your favorite Villager to talk to?
Goofy.png Gawrsh, I like spendin' time with everybody.
Goofy.png But... can ya keep a secret?
→  Yes.
Goofy.png [continue to next line]
→  No.
Goofy.png Well, I guess it's not much of a secret. I'll tell ya anyway.
Goofy.png If I had to pick a favorite, it'd be you, Player!
→   Don't you get tired?
Goofy.png Nah! I could chat with folks all day.
Goofy.png Carrying all the fruit can be tiring, though. Sometimes I gotta rest my arms, but I can keep talkin'!
→  Is running a Stall complicated?
Goofy.png Not the way I do it.
Goofy.png Uncle Scrooge makes his shop real complicated, but I try to keep things simple.
→  Let me know if you ever need help!
Goofy.png I sure will! Thanks, Player!
Is everything okay?
Goofy.png Gawrsh, Player, it seems like whenever I go fishing lately, all I catch is Seaweed.
→  UGH, same.
Goofy.png [continue to next line]
→  Where are you fishing?
Goofy.png [continue to next line]
→  Try to aim for the ripples!
Goofy.png [continue to next line]
Goofy.png I've been castin' my line out at the ripples in the Meadow pond, but my luck's been rotten.
Goofy.png Course, now that I think of it, Seaweed isn't so bad. You can make lots of nifty stuff out of it.
Goofy.png Ya know what? I'm gonna go catch more Seaweed right now!
Something you wanted to discuss?
Goofy.png Howdy, Player. I'm doin' a customer satisfaction survey, and you're one of my most loyal customers.
Goofy.png Is there anything you'd like to change about my Stall?
→  Lower prices.
Goofy.png Gawrsh, Uncle Scrooge told me my prices were too low already.
Goofy.png Then he said something about "profit margins," and "surplus value." I didn't really follow.
Goofy.png But I could have some sales. Everybody loves buyin' something' and gettin' somethin' else for free.
→  A more diversified inventory.
Goofy.png Gawrsh, I try to change up my stock as much as I can...
Goofy.png ...but don't worry. I'll keep looking for more stuff to sell!
→  No complaints. You're doing great!
Goofy.png Really? Wow!
Goofy.png Uncle Scrooge is always tellin' me I gotta be more savvy about business.
Goofy.png But I guess all that really matters is making your customers happy.
Goofy.png Thanks, Player. I sure do appreciate the feedback.
Tell me about your plans for the weekend.
Goofy.png Say, Player, have you ever gone camping before? It's one of my favorite things to do.
→   Absolutely. I love camping!
Goofy.png Gawrsh, that's great! What do you like doin' best when you're camping?
→  Fishing, of course.
Goofy.png Well, whaddaya know, I love fishing, too!
→  Going swimming!
Goofy.png Yeah, swimming's usually the first thing I do once I get to the campsite.
→  Cooking by the fire.
Goofy.png Mmm-mmm! Nothin' beats a good cookout. Especially the marshmallows. A-hyuck!
→   Never. Is it fun?
Goofy.png Gawrsh, it's just about the most fun you can have!
→  Well, I hope you have fun!
Goofy.png Thanks! If ya ever want to try it, I'd love for you to join me.
→  I don't think I'd like that...
Goofy.png Well, you're always welcome to join me if you change your mind!
→  Camping? Like sleeping outside? Ew.
Goofy.png Well, if you ever change your mind, come find me. See ya around, Player!
What are you up to today?
Goofy.png Gawrsh, Player, I could use your help. Uncle Scrooge says I should do regular inventory of all my stock to make sure nothing's gone missing.
Goofy.png Got any advice on the best way to do that?
→   Count everything you have in stock.
Goofy.png I could try that... but I don't know how much I started out with in the first place.
Goofy.png So I got nothin' to compare it against.
Goofy.png Sounds like you should count them now and then count them again in a couple of months to check. [presumably should be Player, but is Goofy]
Goofy.png Sure, I could do that.
Goofy.png Hmm... should I count stuff by the piece or by the pound?
→   Beats me. Sounds like a lot of work.
Goofy.png Well, Uncle Scrooge says I've gotta count everything I've got in stock...
Goofy.png ...then count it again in a little while and see if they match up.
Goofy.png So you've got to count it all... just so you can count it again later? [presumably should be Player, but is Goofy]
Goofy.png Yep. But should I count stuff by the piece or by the pound?
Goofy.png Apples would be easy to count by the piece, but seeds could take a while. I'll keep thinkin' on it. Thanks, pal!
What can you tell me about yourself?
Goofy.png You know, the Goof family has a long and distinguished history.
→  Neat!
Goofy.png You bet it is!
→  Really?
Goofy.png For really really!
→  I don't believe you.
Goofy.png Aw, I'm not kiddin'.
Goofy.png If you like, I could tell you about my Uncle M. Angelo Goof, Cousin Wernher von Goof, or Aunt Goophelia!
→  M. Angelo Goof?
Goofy.png Uncle M. Angelo Goof's an artist! He's into post cubical expressionism and la-de-dadaism.
Goofy.png I don't always understand his paintings, but they sure are interesting to look at!
→  Wernher von Goof?
Goofy.png My cousin Wernher's a certified genius! Yep, he's a real smart fella.
Goofy.png You can tell 'cause he has that poofy white hair geniuses have. A-hyuck!
→  Aunt Goophelia?
Goofy.png Dear old Aunt Goophelia... She brings her kitchen with her whenever she visits.
Goofy.png Ooh, and you should taste her Torpedo Chicken. It's guaranteed to sink the strongest stomach.
What's it like to have a Stall here?
Goofy.png It's real inspiring to run a Stall in the same town as Donald's Uncle Scrooge. He's a savvy customer, and an even savvier businessman!
→  Yeah, he's awesome!
Goofy.png Yep, I hope someday I'm as good at business as he is. He's taught me a lot about how to run a Stall.
→  I don't like how miserly he is.
Goofy.png Gawrsh, I think he's just real proud of all the hard work he's done. And he's taught me a lot about how to run a Stall.
→  I don't know him very well.
Goofy.png Then you can take my word for it! Scrooge has taught me a lot about how to run a Stall.
Goofy.png He's even got a motto. Let me see if I can remember it. He says you gotta be smarter than the...
→  ...dummies
Goofy.png Nah. I don't think that's it.
→   ...smarties.
Goofy.png And you gotta be tougher than the...
→   ...toughies.
Goofy.png And you gotta make your money...
→  ...triangle.
Goofy.png Nah. I don't think that's it.
→  ...circular.
Goofy.png Nah. I don't think that's it.
→  ...square.
Goofy.png That's it! That's what Uncle Scrooge always says. Nice remembering, pal!
→  ...hedgehogs.
Goofy.png Nah. I don't think that's it.
→  ...softies.
Goofy.png Nah. I don't think that's it.
→  ...robots.
Goofy.png Nah. I don't think that's it.
What's on your mind?
Goofy.png Player, have I got somethin' to tell you! I caught a real funny fish the other day.
Goofy.png Never seen anything like it before. It was all big and puffed up.
→  What was it?
Goofy.png [continue to next line]
→  Sounds cool!
Goofy.png [continue to next line]
→  Bit of a fishy story...
Goofy.png [continue to next line]
Goofy.png Well, I showed it to Merlin, and he said it's called a Fugu fish.
Goofy.png I guess it only swims up near the surface on Dazzle Beach when it's raining.
Goofy.png I tossed it back, but maybe you could try fishing for it next time it rains.
What's up, Goofy?
Goofy.png Ya know, Uncle Scrooge is a swell neighbor. He's been giving me lots of advice.
Goofy.png But sometimes I'm not sure what he's talkin' about. When he starts up about dividends and returns on investments, he kinda loses me.
→  It's nice of him to try to help!
Goofy.png You bet it is!
→  You sure he's not trying to sabotage you?
Goofy.png Huh? You mean 'cause we both run stores? I don't think so.
Goofy.png Sure, Uncle Scrooge likes money.
Goofy.png Makin' money, and countin' money, and talkin' about money...
Goofy.png But he's got a great big heart. Some folks don't see that.
→  I agree. Scrooge is great.
Goofy.png He sure is!
→  I think Scrooge is too greedy.
Goofy.png Well, like I said, he does love makin' money.
Goofy.png But he's also real generous and always helps out his pals.
→  I don't know Scrooge that well.
Goofy.png Gawrsh, you should get to know him better!
Goofy.png I bet you two will become friends in no time.
You look bored.
Goofy.png Gawrsh, Player, you sure do a lot of work around the Village. I'd love to help out more.
Goofy.png Is there anything I can do?
→   Cooking?
Goofy.png Aw, I'm a great cook! Folks especially love my meatballs and how I serve 'em.
Goofy.png I whack 'em towards ya with a ping-pong paddle so you can catch 'em in a bowl! Pretty fun, huh?
... Maybe you can do something else. [reprompt]
→   Building things?
Goofy.png I'm great at construction work! Hammering, and sawing, and pouring cement are my specialties.
Goofy.png Though I oughta tell you: There've been a few accidents on some of the jobs I've worked.
How many?
Goofy.png Five hundred and thirty six. What're the odds, right?
... Maybe you can do something else. [reprompt]
→   Cleaning?
Goofy.png Sure, I'm real good at cleaning. Oh, except for the time the vacuum escaped and got the cat.
Goofy.png And the time I accidentally set the windows on fire by exploding a broom.
... Maybe you can do something else. [reprompt]
→   Fishing?
Goofy.png Oh, I go fishing all the time! And I catch lots of fish, too.
Goofy.png I've even got a signature cast I can show ya.
Goofy.png And you won't fall in more than nine times out of ten.
... Maybe you can do something else. [reprompt]
→  You know, never mind.
Goofy.png Are you sure? Well, let me know if you think of something I could help with.


  • 1.0: Added
  • 1.3: New Daily Discussion topics added: Do you like running your Stall?, Is everything okay?, Something you wanted to discuss?, What are you up to today?, What's on your mind?, What's up, Goofy?
  • 1.5: Updated portrait