Dream Castle

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Dream Castle Front View.png

The Dream Castle is just off the Plaza, and has a series of doorways which lead to other Realms. Before entering, each doorway must first be unlocked.

The player must complete 3 tasks and spend 2,000 Dreamlight in order to remove the thorns at the entrance and unlock the castle. After unlocking the castle, Merlin will present the player the first three doorways to enter other characters realms. The realms which the player can unlock at first are the ones for the WALL-E Realm, the Moana Realm and the Ratatouille Realm. The first one of those three is free to unlock, while the remaining two ones have a cost of 3,000 Dreamlight each.


Castle Christmas Tree

From December 25 to 31, 2022, there was a Christmas tree that appeared at the base of the left staircase. It was shared that starting December 25th presents would be available to open[1], until the 31st of December. More information is available at Christmas Day Presents Event.


Interior of the castle