Memory Mania

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Memory Mania
Memory Mania Banner.jpg
Type: Menu Icon Events.png Event
Event Begin: 26 June 2024
Event End: 17 July 2024

Memory Mania is a limited-time event during which special items will appear which drop pieces of Memories. Completing these memories will award unique companion pets themed after Inside Out 2. It started on June 26, 2024 and ends on July 17, 2024.


Feel all the feels in our latest in-game event! Inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2, you're invited to celebrate the theatrical release by searching your Valley to collect Riley's hockey gear, trophies, and birthday cakes to spawn Core Memory Shards. Completing these Core Memories will unlock new, exclusive Critters and more!

This event will run from June 26th to July 17th, so don’t forget to start piecing those memories together!

Memory Items

In order to complete the event memories items must be collected from locations in the Valley and Realms. Picking up these items will drop a colored orb, which contains a memory piece.

These memory event items respawn 30 minutes after being collected.

Image Item Locations Orb Color Memory
Riley's Birthday Cake.png
Birthday Cake

Moana Realm
Ratatouille Realm
WALL-E Realm

Pink Memory Orbs
Hockey Equipment.png
Hockey Gear

Goofy's House
Merlin's House
Mickey's House

Yellow Memory Orbs
Hockey Trophy.png
Hockey Trophy

Dream Castle
Scrooge's Store

Blue Memory Orbs

Collection Tasks

There are a set of event-specific tasks tracked under the Collection section of the Dreamlight Menu. These tasks are always visible, even when the event is not active. Some can be completed at any time; the duties that depend on limited-time items are indicated with italics.

Main article: Dreamlight: Memory Mania
Duty Description Requires Reward
Inside Out.png Feeling Expansive Complete Dreamlight Valley Memory 34, which requires removing Hockey Equipment, which yields yellow Memory Shards and spawns regularly in Mickey's House, Goofy's House, and Merlin's House during Memory Mania. 1 Anxiety Squirrel
Inside Out.png Feeling Accomplished Complete Dreamlight Valley Memory 33, Dreamlight Valley Memory 34, and Dreamlight Valley Memory 35. 3 Embarrassment Turtle
Inside Out.png Memorabilia Pick Up Memory Shards.[manianote 1] This may be shards that result from removing Riley's Birthday Cake (pink), Hockey Equipment (yellow), and Hockey Trophy (blue) items, or shards from doing other Activities (i.e. Watering Dried Flowers, Cooking, Mining, Fishing, Digging, Feeding Critters, and removing Night Thorns). 200 Lance Slashblade Statue
Inside Out.png Feeling Nostalgic Complete Dreamlight Valley Memory 35, which requires removing Hockey Trophy, which yields blue Memory Shards and spawns regularly in the Dream Castle, and Scrooge's Store during Memory Mania. 1 Envy Rabbit
Inside Out.png Feeling Joyful Complete Dreamlight Valley Memory 33, which requires removing Riley's Birthday Cake, which yields pink Memory Shards and spawns regularly in Moana Realm, Ratatouille Realm, and WALL-E Realm during Memory Mania. 1 Ennui Raven
  1. If there is insufficient space for a Memory Shard to drop, it will be sent to the player's in-game mailbox. Memory Shards collected from the in-game mailbox do NOT count towards the Memorabilia achievement.

Redemption Code Items

On social media over a series of days a redemption code was revealed related to the event which awards four Inside Out themed bracelets when redeemed in game.

Items Code Available
Anxiety Emotion Bracelet
Embarrassment Emotion Bracelet
Ennui Emotion Bracelet
Envy Emotion Bracelet
IO22024 July 6, 2024

Social Media Posts

Image shared Posting
Memory Mania Code 1.png

To celebrate Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2-inspired Memory Mania event, we wanted to share a memory with you, including a code for four themed accessories!

Only problem? We're embarrassed to say we forgot it.

Help us uncover pieces of the memory by sharing your fave Villager quotes in the replies ✨[2]

Memory Mania Code 2.png

We're getting there! The memory's coming together and we can already feel the ennui abating.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe a photo memory will help us find another fragment.

Share your favorite Valley selfie in the replies 📸✨[3]

Memory Mania Code 3.png

So! Close! We've almost uncovered the memory and code to unlock some Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2-themed accessories in-game!

Sharing a few more memories should just about do it.

We're anxious to know, what's one quest-related memory that's stuck with you from your adventures in the Valley? ✨[4]

Memory Mania Code 4.png

You did it! By sharing your memories, we were able to recover our memory from the Memory Mania event! Look at that critter 😍

Even better, we completed the code: IO22024

Claim it in-game to add FOUR Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2-inspired mood bracelets to your collection! ✨[5]

In-Game Messaging


Celebrate Inside Out 2 in the Valley!
Greetings, Valley Villager!
You're invited to celebrate the theatrical release of Inside Out 2 with Disney Dreamlight Valley's Memory Mania event!
Search your Valley and the Realms to collect Riley's hockey gear, trophies, and birthday cakes and unlock Memory Pieces. Complete these Memories for exclusive new critters and more!
Get ready to feel all the feels and unlock amazing prizes! See you in the Valley!


Upon Code Redemption (IO22024)
Memory Mania Event!
Hey Valley Villager!
Thanks for participating in our Memory Mania-inspired event on our social media accounts. Find your rewards for helping us uncover the hidden memory attached!