Pixel Shard

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Pixel Shard
Pixel Shard.png
Type: Foraging.png Foraging
Categories: Crafting.png Crafting Materials
Found: Multiplayer

Pixel Shard is a crafting material which can be collected when visiting other players using Multiplayer.

They have a chance to appear on the ground anywhere in the Valley if a player is visiting another player's game or if they have a visitor in their Valley. They'll appear floating slightly above the ground.

Crafting Recipes

Pixel Shard is a required material in the following crafting recipes.

Image Name Crafting Recipe
Glitchy Pixel Duplicate.png
Glitchy Pixel Duplicate

Pixel Shard.png Pixel Shard (5)
(Yields 5)

Pixel Shard.png Pixel Shard (10)
(Yields 12)

Pixelized Cooking Flame.png
Pixelized Cooking Flame Pixel Shard.png Pixel Shard (5)
Superior Pixelized Cooking Flame.png
Superior Pixelized Cooking Flame Pixel Shard.png Pixel Shard (10)


  • 1.8: Added
  • 1.8.5: Changed name from Glitched Pixel Shard