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A yellow wildflower widely used in medicine.

Type: Foraging.png Foraging
Categories: Menu Icon Flowers.png Flower


Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 23
Gift Reward: Friendship.png 400
Found: Plaza.png Plaza (max 4)

Dandelion is a flower type which can be found growing wild in the Plaza.

There are exactly 4 Dandelion found in the Plaza, and another of the same type and color will only appear after one of those has been picked. There is an internal-game timer for this flower type which respawns one every 30 minutes, and it can take up to 2 hours to fully repopulate all of these flowers in the biome.


Dandelion is a required material in the following crafting recipes.

Image Name Crafting Recipe
Dandelion and Rising Penstemon Pot.png
Dandelion and Rising Penstemon Pot

Flower Pots.png Flower Pots
Dandelion.png Dandelion
Purple Rising Penstemon.png Purple Rising Penstemon

Flower Boxes.png
Flower Boxes

Dry Wood.png Dry Wood (6)
Dandelion.png Dandelion (2)
Pink Hydrangea.png Pink Hydrangea (2)
Blue Marsh Milkweed.png Blue Marsh Milkweed (2)

Green, Yellow and White Balloon Arch.png
Green, Yellow and White Balloon Arch

Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot (10)
Green Rising Penstemon.png Green Rising Penstemon (20)
Dandelion.png Dandelion (20)
White Daisy.png White Daisy (20)

Green, Yellow and White Balloon Cluster.png
Green, Yellow and White Balloon Cluster

Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot (5)
Green Rising Penstemon.png Green Rising Penstemon (8)
Dandelion.png Dandelion (8)
White Daisy.png White Daisy (8)

Red and Yellow Flower Disk.png
Red and Yellow Flower Disk

Round Soil Area.png Round Soil Area
Dandelion.png Dandelion (2)
White Daisy.png White Daisy
Red Falling Penstemon.png Red Falling Penstemon (2)

Small Yellow Chest.png
Small Yellow Chest

Softwood.png Softwood (25)
Stone.png Stone (25)
Dandelion.png Dandelion (6)

Yellow, Green and Purple Flower Rectangle.png
Yellow, Green and Purple Flower Rectangle

Rectangular Soil Area.png Rectangular Soil Area
Purple Falling Penstemon.png Purple Falling Penstemon (2)
Dandelion.png Dandelion (2)
Green Rising Penstemon.png Green Rising Penstemon (2)

Quest Objectives

Dandelion is an objective during the following quests.

Quest Required Use
Menu Icon Quests.png A New Enchantment Friendship 2.pngMerlin.png 4 Deliver to Merlin
Menu Icon Quests.png Healing House Friendship 2.pngMirabel.png 3 Deliver to Mirabel
Menu Icon Quests.png Photographic Memory Friendship 4.pngGoofy.png 1 Take a photo for Goofy
Menu Icon Quests.png Scrooge McDuck's Grand Re-opening Menu Icon Story.png Scrooge McDuck.png 2 Use to craft Dandelion and Rising Penstemon Pot
Menu Icon Quests.png What Home Feels Like Friendship 3.pngElsa.png 5 Deliver to Elsa