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A smooth and perfect pearl.

Type: Foraging.png Foraging
Categories: Crafting.png Crafting Materials
Placement: 1x1 (Surfaces)
Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 10
Found: Menu Icon Digging.png Digging
Ancient's Landing.png The Docks
Ancient's Landing.png The Courtyard
Ancient's Landing.png The Overlook
Ancient's Landing.png The Ruins

Pearl is a foraged material which can be found when digging the ground in The Docks, Courtyard, Overlook, and Ruins areas of Ancient's Landing.

Once collected it will be added to the Eternity Isle Foraging Collection.

Crafting Recipes

Pearl is a required material in the following crafting recipes.

Image Name Crafting Recipe
Precious Amber Pebble Path.png
Precious Amber Pebble Path

Pearl.png Pearl
Pebbles.png Pebbles
Amber.png Amber

Precious Pebble Path.png
Precious Pebble Path

Pearl.png Pearl
Pebbles.png Pebbles
Jade.png Jade

Timebending Recipes

Pearl is a required material in the following Timebending recipes made at a Timebending Table.

Image Name Timebending Recipe
Small Rubble Shovel Potion.png
Small Rubble Shovel Potion

Mist.png Mist (500)
Pearl.png Pearl (10)

Large Rubble Shovel Potion.png
Large Rubble Shovel Potion

Mist.png Mist (3000)
Ancient Core (Level 1).png Ancient Core (Level 1)
Pearl.png Pearl (20)

Quest Objectives

Pearl is an objective during the following quests.

Quest Required Use
Menu Icon Quests.png New Ventures (and Adventures) Scrooge McDuck.png 24 Give to Scrooge McDuck.