Red Algae

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Red Algae
Red Algae.png

This rare creeping algae can be found in bodies of water across Dreamlight Valley. You think it might be able to help improve your Royal Fishing Rod somehow.

Type: Menu Icon Foraging.png Foraging
Categories: Menu Icon Crafting.png Crafting Material
Size: 2x2

Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 150
Found: Menu Icon Fish.png Fishing

Red Algae is a foraged material which has a chance to be found while fishing. It has a chance to appear when the fish is pulled from the water.


Red Algae is a required material in the following crafting recipes.

Image Name Crafting Recipe
Even More Miraculous Fishing Bait.png
Even More Miraculous Fishing Bait

Vitalys Crystal.png Vitalys Crystal (20)
Red Algae.png Red Algae (10)
Dreamlight.png Dreamlight (1000)

Miracle Fishing Bait.png
Miracle Fishing Bait

Vitalys Crystal.png Vitalys Crystal (10)
Red Algae.png Red Algae (5)
Dreamlight.png Dreamlight (500)

Seaweed (5) Red Algae.png Red Algae (1)