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Type: Menu Icon Characters.png Character
From: WALL-E (Universe).png WALL-E
Voiced By: Elissa Knight
House: EVE's Ship
Unlock Quest: Menu Icon Quests.png The Flying Metal Nuisance Jafar.png Menu Icon Story.png

EVE is a character from the Disney-Pixar film WALL-E (2008).

Unlocking EVE requires purchasing the paid expansion A Rift in Time. She's encountered in the first biome on Eternity Isle, Ancient's Landing.


After the initial quests in Ancient's Landing the pickaxe will be upgraded to remove small copper rocks. There are a row of these blocking a beach area in The Docks where EVE is guarding the Royal Hourglass, and where EVE and EVE's Ship can be found. The quest The Flying Metal Nuisance will introduce players to EVE, and task them with finding and equipping Robot Hat and Robot Costume to gain her trust, and cooking Best Fish Forever and delivering it.

After delivering the Best Fish Forever meal to EVE she'll remember the player, and leave her guard position to join the village.


Main article: Time
Time Location
Dreamlight Valley.png 12:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting her home.
Icon Sleeping.png 3:00 AM Unavailable. Sleeping inside her home.
Dreamlight Valley.png 7:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting her home.
Menu Icon Scrooge Store.png 9:00 AM Scrooge's Store browsing clothing and furniture items for sale.
Dreamlight Valley.png 11:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting her home.

Friendship Rewards

EVE will award the following rewards when Friendship levels are reached. Friendship can be leveled up through gifts, quests, conversation, or by hanging out.

Lvl Image Name Type
Friendship 2.png
Retro Future Coffee Table.png
Retro Future Coffee Table Furniture
Friendship 3.png
EVE Eyes Motif.png
Design Motif Motif
Friendship 4.png
Star Coin icon.png 500
Friendship 5.png
Retro Future Plant Shelves.png
Retro Future Plant Shelves Furniture
Friendship 6.png
Axiom Ship Motif.png
Design Motif Motif
Friendship 7.png
Star Coin icon.png 1,000
Friendship 8.png
Retro Statement Glasses.png
Retro Statement Glasses Clothing
Friendship 9.png
EVE Tilted Motif.png
Design Motif Motif
Friendship 10.png
Retro-tastic Jacket.png
Retro-tastic Jacket[1] Clothing
Retro-tastic Minidress.png
Retro-tastic Minidress[1] Clothing
  1. 1.0 1.1 Rewarded after completing the quest When Things Go Boom (Friendship 10.png EVE Level 10)


EVE's Ship
Main article EVE's Ship

EVE lives in a futuristic looking spaceship called EVE's Ship which is found in the beach area of the Docks in Ancient's Landing on Eternity Isle. It is placed already when first visiting the Isle, and can be entered before EVE joins as a villager. It's unlocked as a movable building, along with EVE joining the village, during the quest The Flying Metal Nuisance.


Friendship Quests