Fishing Pole

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Fishing Pole
Fishing Pole.png
Categories: Menu Icon Tools.png Tool
Found: Peaceful Meadow
From: Menu Icon Quests.png Fishing Expedition

The Fishing Rod is one of the Royal Tools. It's used for Fishing.


Finding it is an objective of Merlin's quest Menu Icon Quests.png The Royal Tools. It's assembled during the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Fishing Expedition in the Peaceful Meadow after finding Broken Fishing Rod and delivering it to Goofy.


Each cast using the Fishing Rod uses 150 energy. By upgrading Moana's Boat the energy cost of fishing can be reduced. Each level upgraded reduces the Energy cost of Fishing using the Fishing Pole by 2% each level - totaling 20% energy cost to fishing when the boat is fully upgraded to level 10.

Action Energy Cost Note
Menu Icon Fishing.png Fishing Energy.png 150-120 Each Upgrade to Moana's Boat reduces cost by 2%, capping at 20% reduction at level 10, reducing cost by Energy (30)


There are no upgrades available for the Fishing Rod.


Main article: Bonuses
Image Bonus Name and Label Item Name Crafting Recipe
Miracle Fishing Bait Bonus.png
Find rarer fish in every ripple of water.
Miracle Fishing Bait (10)

Vitalys Crystal (10)
Red Algae (5)
Dreamlight (500)

Even More Miraculous Fishing Bait (25)

Vitalys Crystal (20)
Red Algae (10)
Dreamlight (1000)