Miracle Fishing Bait

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Miracle Fishing Bait
Miracle Fishing Bait.png

With just a bit of this applied to your Fishing Rod, you'll be able to land bigger catches than ever. There's enough here for five uses.

Type: Crafted Enchantment

Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 1,400
Crafting Recipe: Vitalys Crystal.png Vitalys Crystal (10)

Red Algae.png Red Algae (5)
Dreamlight.png Dreamlight (500)

Miracle Fishing Bait is a crafted enchantment which is unlocked during the quest Working Miracles. It can be applied to the fishing rod to make the next 10 white ripples turn gold when cast into and the fish will be easier to catch.

The upgraded version of this enchantment is Even More Miraculous Fishing Bait, which can be used 25 times.


Even though the description for this item reads that it has 5 uses, it actually has 10.


  • 1.2: Added
  • 1.3: Reduced required Dreamlight to craft, increased charges from 5 to 10