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From: Menu Icon Quests.png The Royal Tools

The Shovel is a Royal Tool used for Digging. It can dig holes, fill holes, and remove obstacles.


The Shovel can be found near Chez Remy in the northeast of the Plaza during Menu Icon Quests.png The Royal Tools.


Using the Shovel to dig requires 50 energy. The energy cost can be reduced by upgrading WALL-E's Garden, where each level reduces the Energy cost of Digging by 2% each level - totaling 20% reduction in energy cost to Digging when fully upgraded to level 10.

Action Energy Cost Note
Menu Icon Digging.png Digging Energy.png 50-40 Each Upgrade to WALL-E's Garden reduces cost by 2%, capping at 20% reduction at level 10, reducing cost by Energy.png Energy (10)


The Shovel has multiple obtainable upgrades that allow it to clear various obstacles.

Upgrade Quest Item Obstacle
1 Menu Icon Quests.png An Icy Invitation Friendship 2.pngAnna.png Shovel Blade.png Shovel Blade Small Tree Stumps and Large Tree Stumps
2 Menu Icon Quests.png Breaking Bones Friendship 4.pngScar.png Lion's Claw Shovel Head.png Lion's Claw Shovel Head Small Wildebeest Bones
3 Menu Icon Quests.png The Circle of Life Friendship 7.pngScar.png Roaring Shovel Head.png Roaring Shovel Head Large Wildebeest Bones