Fishing Expedition

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Fishing Expedition
Goofy Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Story Quest Menu Icon Story.png
Prerequisites: Complete quest Menu Icon Quests.png Welcome to Dreamlight Valley
Rewards: Friendship (300)

Carrot Seed (2)
Lettuce Seed (2)
Wheat Seed (2)
Pale Green Fishing Hat

Fishing Expedition is a Story Quest given after completing the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Welcome to Dreamlight Valley.

Quest Text

There's a new friend in the Peaceful Meadow. It's time to meet them.

As you're wandering the Peaceful Meadow, you stumble on a Broken Fishing Rod in the grass. Who could it belong to?

Now that he is reunited with his Lucky Fishing Rod, he wants to introduce you to this favorite hobby and leads you to a pond in the Peaceful Meadow.

Goofy shows you his run-down Stall and asks you to help him by fixing it.

After fishing with him and reopening his Stall, it's time for one last talk with Goofy.