The Making of a Monarch

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The Making of a Monarch
Scar Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Quest Menu Icon Friendship.png
Prerequisites: Friendship 10.png Scar Level 10
Rewards: Friendship (1790)

Volcanic Stove

The Making of a Monarch is a Story Quest which available from Scar. It's available after leveling Friendship with Scar to level 10.

Quest Text

Scar wants to invite you as a thank-you for helping him. Of course, you'll have to handle the small matter of the food.

After learning that, as the Old Ruler, you hid something the lion cared about, you go see Merlin. The old wizard puts you on the path of making Scar realize that being a ruler means taking care of even his weakest subjects.

In the end, it's only when Scar admits to himself that you're his friend that the curse if finally broken. It's time for him to be reunited with his beloved lost treasure.


  • Meet Scar at his Cave
  • Gather the meals for your dinner at Scar's.
Teriyaki Salmon
Snow White's Gooseberry Pie
  • Make sure you have the meals for your dinner with Scar in your Inventory.
  • Give the meals to Scar.
  • Talk to Merlin.
  • Gather the materials for the Sunbird Feeders:
Softwood (40)
Cotton (20)
Dark Wood (10)
Red Bromeliad (6)
Pink Houseleek (6)