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The Lion King light.png The Lion King
From: The Lion King.png The Lion King
Voiced By: James Horan
House: Giant Skull.png Giant Skull
Unlock Quest: Menu Icon Quests.png Nature & Nurture

Scar is a character from the Disney film The Lion King (1994).

He's encountered after unlocking the Sunlit Plateau and completing the story quest Menu Icon Quests.png The Curse from Mother Gothel.


Scar is unlocked after advancing through story quests, and can be met after completing the quest Menu Icon Quests.png The Curse. Additionally the Sunlit Plateau will also need to be unlocked for Dreamlight.png 7,000.

The Pillars of Friendship, Courage, Power, and Trust must first be restored - then the way to Scar's Cave will be cleared and the quests to restore the pillar in Sunlit Plateau can be started.


Main article: Time.
Time Location
Icon Sleeping.png 2:00 AM Unavailable. Sleeping inside his home.
Icon Eating.png 6:00 AM Chez Remy eating inside the Restaurant.
Dreamlight Valley.png 8:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting his home.
Icon Eating.png 6:00 PM Chez Remy eating inside the Restaurant.
Dreamlight Valley.png 8:00 PM Wandering the Valley or visiting his home.

Friendship Rewards

Scar will award the following rewards when Friendship levels are reached. Friendship can be leveled up through gifts, quests, conversation, or by hanging out.

Lvl Image Name Type
Friendship 2.png
Wildebeest Remains.png
Wildebeest Remains Furniture
Friendship 3.png
Scar Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 4.png
Star Coin icon.png 500
Friendship 5.png
Lion Wall Sculpture.png
Lion Wall Sculpture Furniture
Friendship 6.png
Be Prepared Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 7.png
Star Coin icon.png 1,000
Friendship 8.png
Paw Print Rock Slab.png
Paw Print Rock Slab Furniture
Friendship 9.png
Ed Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 10.png
Volcanic Stove.png
Volcanic Stove[1] Furniture
  1. Rewarded after completing the lvl 10 quest Menu Icon Quests.png The Making of a Monarch (Friendship 10.png Scar Level 10)


Giant Skull
Main article Giant Skull

Scar lives in a cave inside a large bone pile which is first found in the Elephant Graveyard area of the Sunlit Plateau.

The cave does not need to be built, but will be blocked until after the quest Menu Icon Quests.png The Curse.


Story Quests

Friendship Quests

Daily Discussions

Do you have a question?
Scar.png Tell me, oh noble leader... What do you enjoy most about ruling over this Village?
→  Helping people.
Scar.png Ugh. Really? You love "helping"? I find it rather tedious.
→  Being in charge.
Scar.png I couldn't agree more. Power and control are the true joys of leadership.
→  Talking to everyone.
Scar.png Really? You enjoy talking to these lackwits? Well, there's no accounting for taste.
Everything okay?
Scar.png Player, why don't the fools around here respect my natural superiority?
→  What makes YOU so superior?
Scar.png Well, I am at the top of the food chain. And of course, there's my cunning and brilliance.
→  People don't recognize your brilliance.
Scar.png They don't, and it's such a tragedy. A loss to the entire community.
→  Maybe it's because you're a jerk to everyone.
Scar.png If I'm uncivil, it's because I'm not appreciated.
Scar.png If only I were given what I deserve, life here would be sublime.
→  What do you think you deserve?
Scar.png Respect...
Scar.png Admiration...
Scar.png And to be made king of all I survey.
Scar.png Everyone would benefit. I assure you.
→  Are you sure?
Scar.png Of course. When I have what is rightfully mine...
Scar.png ...all will be as it should be.
→  That sounds reasonable.
Scar.png Of course it does. I'm never wrong.
Something on your mind?
Scar.png I have a little thought exercise for you.
Scar.png Which Villager do you think would be the most delicious?
→  Bad kitty!
Scar.png Oh, don't overreact, Player.
Scar.png I haven't done anything wrong.
→  This isn't a fun thought exercise!
Scar.png [continue to next line]
Scar.png Ugh, I'm excruciatingly aware.
Scar.png This is all strictly hypothetical, of course.
Scar.png Though it does feel as if my diet has been strictly hypothetical lately.
Scar.png You put so many limitation on who... ahem... WHAT I'm allowed to eat.
Scar.png I'm practically skin and bones.
→  How about some delicious vegetable snacks?
Scar.png ... I'm a carnivore, you ingrate.
→  You look fine to me.
Scar.png Well, I'm not. I'm famished!
Scar.png And all the fish in your waters aren't going to change that.
→  Go catch some fish.
Scar.png Ugh. That sounds like work.
Tell me about you.
Scar.png You're staring at my scar, aren't you? Want to know how I got it?
→   Yes.
Scar.png Oh, there are many dangers that can leave a mark.
Scar.png Let's play a game. Guess how I got my scar.
→  Cobra.
Scar.png Hmm... Imagine... while I slept, a cobra curled up near me for warmth.
Scar.png And when I woke, I startled it. It struck out, catching me near my eye.
→  Cape Buffalo.
Scar.png Oh yes, they are dangerous. I may have made a careless mistake crossing the savanna...
Scar.png ...and a startled buffalo tore at my face with her horns.
→  Mufasa.
Scar.png You think my brother Mufasa gave me this scar? An accident while we were cubs?
Scar.png Or not such an accident when he became king?
Scar.png Perhaps. But I'll never say. It's far too private a memory.
→  No.
Scar.png Well, if you aren't curious, then stop staring!
What's on your mind?
Scar.png Player, do you have a Villager you're not particularly fond of?
Scar.png Perhaps someone who annoys you incessantly? Who you'd rather not have around?
→   No. I like everyone.
Scar.png Everyone? Really? Absolutely everyone?
→  Really. Absolutely everyone.
Scar.png How disappointing.
→  ... Are you drooling?
Scar.png Of course not. I do not drool.
Scar.png I was merely... savoring the thought of... something.
→   Why do you ask?
Scar.png Oh, no reason. Just an idle curiosity.
→  Well, I like everyone.
Scar.png How disappointing.
→  ... Are you drooling?
Scar.png Of course not. I do not drool.
Scar.png I was merely... savoring the thought of... something.
→  ... Are you drooling?
Scar.png Of course not. I do not drool.
Scar.png I was merely... savoring the thought of... something.
What's wrong?
Scar.png Ursula is being absurd.
Scar.png She's told me that there are beasts beneath the sea who are far more ferocious than any lion.
Scar.png Creatures called "sharks".
→  Sharks are more ferocious than lions.
Scar.png They sound like overgrown fish with delusions of grandeur.
→  Lions are more ferocious than sharks.
Scar.png Precisely. They sound like nothing more than overgrown fish.
→  Sharks and lions are both pretty dangerous.
Scar.png Oh, please. They sound like nothing more than overgrown fish.
Scar.png I'm sure I'd make quick work of any shark.
Scar.png Hmm. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Scar.png Why don't I ever see you with a wildebeest slung over your shoulder?
Scar.png When, exactly, do you hunt?
→  I don't hunt.
Scar.png You don't hunt? But then...
→  That's not something I can do.
Scar.png You can't hunt? How tragic.
→   I don't like wildebeest.
Scar.png Then zebra. Or gazelle.
Not a fan of any of those. Sorry.
Scar.png What do you eat?
→  Anything with chocolate.
Scar.png I'm afraid I've no idea what that is...
Scar.png But it does sound... intriguing.
→   Sandwiches.
Scar.png What is a "sandwich"?
It's like... food, but with two pieces of bread around it.
Scar.png So, if I were to put two pieces of this "bread" around a wildebeest... that would be a sandwich?
Um... that's a very philosophical question...
→   Salads.
Scar.png Salads...?
You know... some lettuce, tomatoes, maybe a little dressing...
Scar.png You've just described a bowl of leaves. How wretched.
You look angry.
Scar.png I should have always been King of Pride Rock, not my brother. And certainly not my fool of a nephew.
Scar.png I had the lion's share of intelligence, and that's far more important in a leader than brute strength.
→   You're ill-suited.
Scar.png Ill-suited? Bite your tongue! Name one thing that Simba has that would make him a better king than me!
→  Kindness.
Scar.png Kindness? That's just another word for weakness. Kings need to be strong! And ruthless.
→  Respect.
Scar.png I respect creatures that deserve my respect.
Scar.png But I've met so very few of those.
→  Friends.
Scar.png Ugh, you mean the meerkat and the warthog? If they're what passes for friends these days, I far prefer solitude.
→  Get over it.
Scar.png You're suggesting I just get "over it"? Being denied my rightful place in favor of a scrawny little cub? You have no idea what you're talking about.
→  Maybe you're right.
Scar.png Finally! Someone who sees me for all that I am! I should have been king. I SHOULD be king.
You look sad.
Scar.png Life's not fair, is it? I have to contend with countless fools trying to deny me my rightful place as king...
Scar.png ...and you have to deal with a bumbling parade of incompetents stumbling through your Village.
→   I like the Villagers.
Scar.png Truly? Most of them are less inspiring than hyenas.
Scar.png You do know that everyone is just here to take advantage of your talents? They're scavengers.
→  Not true.
Scar.png Far be it from me to intrude on your delusions.
→  I'm happy to share.
Scar.png Altruism is just another form of gullibility.
→  At least I've got talents.
Scar.png But evidently, "wit" is not among them.
→  You're just bitter.
Scar.png Until I'm recognized as the rightful king of all I survey... I have a great deal to be bitter about.
→   As you like to say, "I'm surrounded by fools."
Scar.png Yes, it's our lot in life to suffer, surrounded by incompetents not worthy of us.
Scar.png Perhaps you could give me control over more of the Valley. Wouldn't it be a refreshing change to work with someone... capable?
→  No way.
Scar.png Grr. Your loss.
→  I'll consider it.
Scar.png Consider it quickly. I'm in a generous mood, but it won't last forever.