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A fruit that can be picked from trees.

Type: Menu Icon Ingredients.png Ingredient
Placement: 1x1 (Surfaces)
Ingredient Type: Fruit.png Fruit

Costs: Star Coin icon.png 50
Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 25
Energy: Energy.png+300
Found: Forgotten Lands.png Forgotten Lands

Plaza.png Plaza

Apple is a fruit type ingredient used in cooking.

It can be found growing on trees in the Plaza and the Forgotten Lands. Each harvest gives 3 apples, and the fruit takes 20 minutes to regrow.

Apple Trees can be moved to any unlocked area of the map using 'Furniture' mode. Trees will continue to produce fruit even if moved outside their origin biome.

Ingredient Specific Recipes

Apple is specifically required in the following recipes, and other ingredients of the same type can't be substituted.

Image Name Stars Energy Sell Price Ingredients
Apple-Cider-Glazed Salmon.png
Apple-Cider-Glazed Salmon ★★★☆☆ Energy.png+1,572 Star Coin icon.png 271 Salmon.png Salmon
Sugarcane.png Sugarcane
Apple.png Apple
Apple Pie.png
Apple Pie ★★★☆☆ Energy.png+1,137 Star Coin icon.png 303 Apple.png Apple
Wheat.png Wheat
Butter.png Butter
Apple Sorbet.png
Apple Sorbet ★★★☆☆ Energy.png+1,077 Star Coin icon.png 271 Slush Ice.png Slush Ice
Apple.png Apple
Sugarcane.png Sugarcane
Caramel Apples.png
Caramel Apples ★★☆☆☆ Energy.png+638 Star Coin icon.png 56 Sugarcane.png Sugarcane
Apple.png Apple