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Mickey Mouse Quest
Mickey Mouse.png
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Friendship.png Story Quest

Prerequisites: Complete quest Mickey's Memories
Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (500)

Sink and Tiled Wall.png Sink and Tiled Wall
White Gas Stove.png White Gas Stove

Foodception is a Story Quest available after completing the quest Mickey's Memories.

Quest Text

Now that you've found the recipe, it's time to bake with Mickey!

Since home-grown ingredients are the best, Mickey walks you through how gardening works in Dreamlight Valley.

To stop your newly planted crops from drying out, you start searching for a Watering Can.

Having found a new Tool in the Village, you use it to water your crops.

With gardening covered, you're ready to learn to cook. And what's better than starting with a Fruit Salad and some Crackers?

It is time to see if Mickey thinks your cooking skills are up to par with Remy's.


  • Talk to Mickey at this garden.
  • Use the book in your Backpack to learn the Crackers recipe.
  • Dig a hole and plant some Wheat.png Wheat (3).
  • Well done! Talk to Mickey.
  • Find the Royal Watering Can near your House.
  • Use the Watering Can with [Right-Click] to water your crops. (3)
  • Talk to Mickey while you wait for the crops to grow.
  • Gather the following Ingredients:
Apple.png Apple (3).
Wheat.png Wheat (2).
  • Go to your House with Mickey to start cooking!
  • Where do we bake? Talk to Mickey.
  • The Stove is part of your Furniture. (Use [I] to open your Backpack and find the Furniture menu.)
  • Place the Stove in your House.
  • Cook the following meals using your Stove:
Fruit Salad.png Fruit Salad.
Crackers.png Crackers.