Dreamlight Fruit

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Dreamlight Fruit
Dreamlight Fruit.png

The mysterious fruit of the Dreamlight Tree smells sweet, and you can only wonder what it tastes like. Will you be brave enough to taste it?

Type: Menu Icon Ingredients.png Ingredient
Placement: 1x1
Ingredient Type: Fruit.png Fruit

Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 40
Energy: Energy.png+500
Found: Sunlit Plateau.png Sunlit Plateau
Glade of Trust.png Glade of Trust
Frosted Heights.png Frosted Heights
Forgotten Lands.png Forgotten Lands
From: Menu Icon Quests.png Seed of Memories Friendship 7.pngSimba.png
Menu Icon Quests.png The Dreamlight Grove Friendship 10.pngSimba.png

Dreamlight Fruit is a fruit type ingredient used in cooking.

It can be found growing in trees after completing friendship quests for Simba. The quest Menu Icon Quests.png Seed of Memories unlocks one tree, and Menu Icon Quests.png The Dreamlight Grove unlocks three more. The time to grow each tree (including watering) is about three days.

Each tree has a harvest that gives 3 Dreamlight Fruit, and the fruit takes 24 hours to regrow.

Dreamlight Trees can be moved to any unlocked area of the map using 'Furniture' mode. Trees will continue to produce fruit even if moved outside their origin biome.

The first tree which grows Dreamlight Fruit is planted and grown in Sunlit Plateau during Simba's level 7 friendship quest Menu Icon Quests.png Seed of Memories. Later during Simba's level 10 quest Menu Icon Quests.png The Dreamlight Grove three more trees will grow in Glade of Trust, Frosted Heights, and Forgotten Lands, for a total of four Dreamlight Fruit trees. Since each tree produces 3 fruit every 24 hours, there will be 12 Dreamlight Fruit which can be harvested each day.

The Dreamlight Fruit ingredient cannot be placed on surfaces; it can only be placed on the ground.

Ingredient Specific Recipes

Dreamlight Fruit is specifically required in the following recipes, and other ingredients of the same type can't be substituted.

Image Name Stars Energy Sell Price Ingredients
Dream Fizz.png
Dream Fizz ★★★★ Energy.png+1,550 Star Coin icon.png 316 Dreamlight Fruit.png Dreamlight Fruit
Sugarcane.png Sugarcane
Wheat.png Wheat
Slush Ice.png Slush Ice
Dream Ice Cream.png
Dream Ice Cream ★★★☆☆ Energy.png+1,976 Star Coin icon.png 588 Dreamlight Fruit.png Dreamlight Fruit
Milk.png Milk
Slush Ice.png Slush Ice
Marvelous Jam.png
Marvelous Jam ★★☆☆☆ Energy.png+932 Star Coin icon.png 54 Dreamlight Fruit.png Dreamlight Fruit
Wheat.png Wheat
Sweet Udon.png
Sweet Udon ★★★★ Energy.png+1,427 Star Coin icon.png 180 Dreamlight Fruit.png Dreamlight Fruit
Rice.png Rice
Seafood.png Any Seafood
Sweets.png Any Sweet
Whimsical Pie.png
Whimsical Pie ★★★☆☆ Energy.png+1,497 Star Coin icon.png 324 Dreamlight Fruit.png Dreamlight Fruit
Wheat.png Wheat
Butter.png Butter

Quest Objectives

Dreamlight Fruit is an objective during the following quests.

Quest Required Use
Menu Icon Quests.png The Dreamlight Grove Friendship 10.pngSimba.png 4 Deliver to Simba, use to craft Dreamlight Tree Fertilizer