A New Enchantment

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A New Enchantment
Merlin Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Friendship 2.png Merlin Level 2

Progress further
Scrooge McDuck

Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (180)

A New Enchantment is a Friendship Quest available from Merlin. It's available after leveling Friendship with Merlin to level 2, and progressing with Scrooge McDuck.

Quest Text

Merlin is looking around the Village muttering. What can he possibly be doing?

The wizard is conducting a study of Dreamlight Valley and enlists you to help. He asks you to bring him Dream Shards so he can turn them into a potion. You can find Dream Shards by removing Night Thorns.

You realize that there is more to Night Thorns than meets the eye. Merlin instructs you to bring him some specimens of the local flora to continue his study.

The wizard decides to use what he learned to improve your Royal Watering Can so you can remove some pesky plants, such as Mushrooms, but it needs to be tested first.

The preliminary test was a success. Merlin will be glad to hear it.


Dandelion.png Dandelion (4)
White Daisy.png White Daisy (4)
Apple.png Apple (6)
Banana.png Banana (6)


Speak with Merlin to start the quest once the requirements have been met.

Merlin.png Ah, player, there you are! I'm conducting a study of the magic in the Village...
Merlin.png ...and I could use your assistance. What do you say?
→  Let's do this!
Merlin.png Marvelous! Now, to assist me, you must first hone your own magical skills.
Merlin.png Tell me: What do you want most from magic?
→  To help Dreamlight Valley.
Merlin.png A noble goal! Very worthwhile to pursue, indeed.
Merlin.png We shall begin by gathering Dream Shards.
Merlin.png They're a potent material, used to craft many magical items.
Merlin.png You'll find them trapped inside of Night Thorns.

Merlin will ask for Dream Shards.

Dream Shards can be acquired by digging up the ground, clearing Night Thorns, or as rewards from feeding Critters.

Once obtained, bring the shards back to Merlin.

Merlin.png Bravo! You've collected Dream Shards: the raw material of magic.
Merlin.png Now, you must combine them to release their power.
Merlin.png Do this at your Crafting Station.
→  Neat! Crafting magic.
Merlin.png Indeed. Creating something new is one of the most basic forms of magic.
Merlin.png And one for which you clearly have an aptitude.
Merlin.png Come back to me with the results!

Craft a Dreamlight at any Crafting Station under the Potion & Enchantment section and return to Merlin.

Merlin.png Player, how good to see you! Now tell me, what did you make out of the Dream Shards?
I combined them and got Dreamlight!
Merlin.png Pure Dreamlight? Fascinating! And... somewhat ominous.
Merlin.png You found the Dream Shards in the Night Thorns. That means...
Merlin.png Well... can you discern what that means?
→  It means the Thorns are made of Dreamlight.
Merlin.png Indeed. As is everything in the Valley. But Night Thorns are like...
Merlin.png ...weeds feeding on broken shards of dreams, devouring our home.
Merlin.png Hmm... Night Thorns are far more sinister than I'd realized. We must learn more.
Merlin.png Perhaps studying other Valley flora will provide some insight.
Merlin.png It will help for you to gather fruits and herbs from the Plaza and the Meadow.

Merlin will ask for 4 Dandelions, 4 White Daisies, 6 Apples, and 6 Bananas.

Dandelions can be found growing throughout the Plaza.

White Daisies can be found growing throughout the Peaceful Meadow.

Apples can be found on Apple Trees in either the Plaza or the Forgotten Lands.

Finally, Bananas can be found on Banana trees in either the Peaceful Meadow, Dazzle Beach, or the Moana Realm.

Return to Merlin with all of the ingredients.

Merlin.png A fine selection of mystical flora! Excellent work, player.
Merlin.png Now, I will weave these into an enchantment for your Watering Can.
Merlin.png If all goes well, you can then obliterate some rather bothersome Mushrooms entirely and instantly.
→  What's wrong with those Mushrooms?
Merlin.png Oh, this is mostly a test to see if the enchantment works.
Merlin.png But also, I rather dislike how they smell.
Merlin.png So this will be useful on two fronts: a magical test and landscaping.

Follow Merlin to the Peaceful Meadow near some Mushroom Patches.

Merlin.png Now, this is just a test, so the enchantment will be temporary.
Merlin.png Use the Watering Can on the Mushrooms in the Meadow near the entrance to the Glade of Trust.

Merlin will temporarily upgrade the Watering Can to be able to clear small Mushroom Patches.

Clear a small Mushroom Patch and talk to Merlin again.

Note: Despite the quest dialogue, watering any single Mushroom Patch will satisfy the quest objective and exhaust the enchantment.

Merlin.png Huzzah! The enchantment removed those pesky Mushrooms!
Merlin.png Now, I'll work on making it a permanent addition to your Watering Can.
Merlin.png It will soon be an even more useful tool.