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Type: Menu Icon Ingredients.png Ingredient
Size: 2x1
Ingredient Type: links=:Category:Fish Fish

Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 95
Energy: Energy.png+350
Ripple Color: White
Found: Forgotten Lands.png Forgotten Lands

Glade of Trust.png Glade of Trust

Tuna is a fish which can be caught using when Fishing in white pools in the Forgotten Lands and Glade of Trust.

It can be consumed to regain energy, or used as an ingredient in cooked meals.

Ingredient Specific Recipes

Tuna is specifically required in the following recipes, and other ingredients of the same type can't be substituted.

Image Name Description Stars Energy Sell Price Ingredients
Maguro Sushi.png
Maguro Sushi Thin cuts of tuna over cooked rice. ★★★★ Energy.png+1,206 Star Coin icon.png 413

Tuna.png Tuna
Rice.png Rice
Seaweed.png Seaweed
Ginger.png Ginger

Tekka Maki.png
Tekka Maki Itty bitty sushi rolls that are perfect when on the go. ★★★★ Energy.png+984 Star Coin icon.png 366

Tuna.png Tuna
Soya.png Soya
Seaweed.png Seaweed
Rice.png Rice

Tuna Burger.png
Tuna Burger A tuna patty grilled to perfection between two sesame seed buns. ★★★★★ Energy.png+1,922 Star Coin icon.png 491

Tuna.png Tuna
Wheat.png Wheat
Lemon.png Lemon
Onion.png Onion
Vegetables.png Any Vegetable