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Type: Menu Icon Furniture.png Crafted Furniture
Crafting Category: Functional Items.png Functional Items
Functionality: Storage (16)
Categories: Storage.png Storage
Crafting Recipe: Softwood (25)

Stone (25)

The Chest was a storage container that was crafted using a crafting station. It had 16 inventory spaces.

Once placed, it could be interacted with to store items outside the player's inventory. Crafting materials and cooking ingredients stored inside chests are accessible at crafting stations, even though they are no longer in inventory.

In Update 3, Gameloft made improvements to the storage system. Among these changes were the additions of new, larger chests. Subsequently, the Chest and its model have been removed from the game entirely. All pre-existing Chests, both in the player's inventory and placed in the game world, have been automatically replaced by Small Chests, which are otherwise identical save for a new model. The contents of placed Chests were unaffected by the switch to Small Chests.