Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir

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Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir
Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir.png

Add this elixir to your Watering Can, and just a sprinkle of it will make your crops grow instantly. There's enough here for fifty uses.

Type: Crafting.png Crafting
Crafting Category: Enchantments.png Enchantments
Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 1,300
Crafting Recipe: Vitalys Crystal (20)

Rich Soil (20)
Dreamlight (1000)

Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir is a crafted enchantment which is unlocked during the quest Nature & Nurture. It can be applied to the watering can to make the next 50 watered crops instantly grow to harvest.

This is the upgraded version of Miracle Growth Elixir, which can be used 20 times.


  • Players should use caution applying this on plants grown for quests, as it's been reported to cause bugs and breaks which could halt progress


  • 1.1: Added
  • 1.2: Updated Appearance
  • 1.3: Reduced required crafting materials, increased charges from 25 to 50
  • 1.5: Updated description from 25 uses