Miracle Pickaxe Polish

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Miracle Pickaxe Polish
Miracle Pickaxe Polish.png

If you apply this to your Pickaxe, you'll be able to mine more gems than ever. There's enough here for ten uses.

Type: Crafting.png Crafting
Crafting Category: Enchantments.png Enchantments
Sells for: Star Coin icon.png 2,300
Crafting Recipe: Vitalys Crystal (10)

Onyx (5)
Dreamlight (500)

Miracle Pickaxe Polish is a crafted enchantment which is unlocked during the quest Working Miracles. It can be consumed to increase the yield of resources from mining nodes, and the rewards from Villager bonuses.

Once consumed, every strike from the pickaxe will produce a resource, and mining nodes with visible gems can produce a gem with every strike instead of just the final strike. While the enchantment is active, it will make the Pickaxe glow blue. It has 10 charges, and each strike of a mining node will consume one charge, except for the final strike which crumbles the node.

While active, mining buddies will produce resources each time a mining node is struck, instead of just when the final resource is collected.

The upgraded version of this enchantment is Even More Miraculous Pickaxe Polish, which can be used 25 times.


  • 1.2: Added
  • 1.3: Reduced required Dreamlight to craft, increased charges from 5 to 10
  • 1.5: Updated description from five uses