The Singing Ice

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The Singing Ice
Elsa Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Friendship 6.png Elsa Level 6

Unlock biome
Frosted Heights.png Frosted Heights

Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (880)
  • Upgrade Pickaxe to break large ice blocks

The Singing Ice is a Friendship Quest available from Elsa. It's available after reaching Friendship level 6 with Elsa and clearing the path to the Frosted Heights.

This quest upgrades the Pickaxe so it can remove Huge Ice Blocks.

Quest Text

Elsa was exploring the Ice Cavern when she touched Anna's statue and ice blocks started to grow everywhere. She needs your help to remove them.

After freezing up the way into the Ice Cavern, Elsa realizes that the biggest of the ice blocks is infused with her magic and some Dreamlight Magic. You decide to create a special Cold of Winter Potion to improve your Pickaxe even more


White Daisy.png White Daisy
Red Falling Penstemon.png Red Falling Penstemon
Pink Bromeliad.png Pink Bromeliad
  • Bring the Flowers back to Elsa.
  • Gather the Ingredients for the spell:
Ice Chunk.png Ice Chunks (5) from the Ice Cavern
Icy Bouquet.png Icy Bouquet
Vial of Freezing Water.png Vial of Freezing Water from the Frosted Heights.
Snowball.png Snowball (3)


Friendship.png Friendship (880)

  • Upgrade Pickaxe to break large ice blocks