The Great Maui

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The Great Maui
Maui Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Realm Quest Dream Castle.png
Prerequisites: Unlock Moana (Universe).png Moana Realm
Rewards: Pickaxe upgrade

The Great Maui is a Realm Quest available from the Moana Realm. It's available after unlocking the realm door inside the Dream Castle.

Quest Text

It's time to meet Maui in the Moana Realm.

Maui refuses to talk to you as long as he is not sure you know a little about him. You decide to ask Moana for help.

Moana gave you some elements to be able to pass Maui's test. No need to delay the inevitable.

Since you've proven you knowledge of Maui, the demigod has improved you Pickaxe. You can now free Moana's canoe.

Your new and improved Pickaxe did its job, and Moana's canoe is now free to sail the open seas again. You go back to tell Maui.



  • Pickaxe upgrade (Not listed as part of quest rewards)