Breaking the Ice

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Breaking the Ice
Elsa Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Quest Menu Icon Friendship.png
Prerequisites: Complete Menu Icon Quests.png Welcoming Elsa
Rewards: Friendship (180)
  • Upgrade Pickaxe to clear small ice blocks

Breaking the Ice is a Friendship Quest available from Elsa.

It's unlocked after inviting Elsa to the Village after completing the quest Welcoming Elsa.

This quest upgrades the Pickaxe so it can remove Ice Blocks.

Quest Text

Elsa has been hearing a sound coming from the Ice Cavern in the Forest of Valor but cannot see what's inside as the way is blocked by a strange type of ice impervious to her powers.

Elsa surmises that your special type of magic is needed to remove the ice. You decide to prepare a special Warmth of Summer Potion to improve your Pickaxe.


Vial of Ocean Water (1).
Sunflower (5).
Lemon (5).
Sugarcane (2).
Garlic (3).