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Type: Menu Icon Characters.png Character
From: Frozen.png Frozen
Voiced By: Abby Trott
House: Anna's Castle
Unlock Quest: Menu Icon Quests.png Welcoming Anna Frozen.png Anna.png

Anna is a character from the 2013 film Frozen and its franchise. She's unlocked after traveling to the Frozen Realm.


Anna is unlocked during the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Welcoming Anna, which is available after unlocking the Frozen Realm and completing the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Chasing The Wind.


Main article: Time.
Time Location
Dreamlight Valley.png 12:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting her home.
Icon Sleeping.png 4:00 AM Unavailable. Sleeping inside her home.
Icon Eating.png 8:00 AM Chez Remy eating inside the Restaurant.
Dreamlight Valley.png 10:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting her home.
Menu Icon Scrooge Store.png 6:00 PM Scrooge's Store browsing clothing and furniture items for sale.
Icon Eating.png 8:00 PM Chez Remy eating inside the Restaurant.
Dreamlight Valley.png 10:00 PM Wandering the Valley or visiting her home.

Friendship Rewards

Anna will award the following rewards when Friendship levels are reached. Friendship can be leveled up through gifts, quests, conversation, or by hanging out.

Lvl Image Name Type
Friendship 2.png
Painted Double Door.png
Painted Double Door Furniture
Friendship 3.png
Arendelle Decoration Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 4.png
Star Coin icon.png 500
Friendship 5.png
Four-Poster Bed.png
Four-Poster Bed Furniture
Friendship 6.png
Anna Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 7.png
Star Coin icon.png 1,000
Friendship 8.png
Banner Furniture
Friendship 9.png
Arendelle Crest Motif.png
Design Motif Custom Clothing Motif
Friendship 10.png
"Fall's Bounty" Gown.png
"Fall's Bounty" Gown[1] Clothing
  1. Rewarded after completing the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? (Friendship 10.png Anna Level 10)


Anna's Castle
Main article Anna's Castle

Anna's house is a large Arendelle-style castle which she shares with Kristoff and Olaf.


Realm Quests

Friendship Quests

Dream Styles

Style Name Unlocked
Anna Default.png
Anna Default appearance
Adventurous Anna.png
Adventurous Anna Premium Shop for Moonstone icon.png 2,500

Daily Discussions

Do you have a question?

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

→  Egg sandwiches.

Good choice! I especially like them with cheese.

→  Bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Oooh. That sounds good! I kind of want one of those right now.

→  Hamburger.

Huh. I've never heard of them, but I definitely want to try one!


I've been thinking a lot about sandwiches lately. Sometimes, when you share a love for something fantastic -- like sandwiches -- with a horrible person, it can ruin that thing.


You try to enjoy sandwiches, and you find yourself thinking about that horrible ex-fiancé... err, person. And what do you do then?

→  Stop eating sandwiches.

No! I refuse! Sandwiches are too good to give up!

→  Keep eating sandwiches.

EXACTLY! I WON'T let anyone ruin sandwiches for me!

→  Eat more sandwiches.

EXACTLY! I WON'T let anyone ruin sandwiches for me!

Do you need to talk, Anna?

Player! You've been working so hard, I wanted to check in with you.


Have you eaten lately? Stretched? Had plenty of fluids?

→  I feel okay!
Anna.png Great! That's good to hear. I just wanted to make sure.
Anna.png I like to check in on the people I care about.
→  Oh! I'm thirsty.
Anna.png Then you should go get something to drink -- right now! It's easy to get dehydrated. It's even happened to Elsa.
Anna.png You would think that since she has ice powers it wouldn't, but it doesn't work that way. I have to remind her to drink water a lot.
→  I haven't stretched in a while.
Anna.png Oh, then you should do that and move around! Don't want you getting cramps or pulling any muscles.
Anna.png I always stretch before Kristoff and I go hiking. Or skating. Or swimming. Basically, I stretch a lot.
Is there anything you want to ask?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have powers, like Elsa does. If you could have any power, what would you choose?

→  Flying.

Oh, that would be amazing! Can you imagine soaring through the sky free as a bird? It would have made following Elsa up that mountain a lot easier.

→   Shapeshifting.

Oooh. You could turn into a bird! Or a squirrel. Or a reindeer!


But I shouldn't choose. It's your power. What would you turn into?

→  A bird.

That's really smart! You can shapeshift, AND you get the power of flight at the same time!

→  A reindeer.

Now that would be fun! You could gallop across the snowy meadows with the other reindeer and you wouldn't even need boots!

→  A squirrel.

Yes! You could climb any tree you want and never tear your clothes or scrape your knees!

→  Ice powers.

Having observed ice powers up close, I can say they're pretty amazing.

Let's talk food!

Player! You have to tell me -- what's your favorite food?

→  Pizza.
Anna.png Pizza? What's that? Because it sounds delicious.
Anna.png Maybe Remy could make me a pizza so I can try it.
→  Fresh bread.

Mmmm. Fresh bread, right from the bakers. Good choice!

→  Chocolate.

Mmmm! Good choice! I LOVE chocolate.


Ooh, but what I'm really hungry for right now is krumkake! It's a waffle cookie shaped like a cone.


And you can put anything inside of it!


Fruit, ice cream, chocolate -- change the filling and it becomes a completely new dessert!