An Icy Invitation

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An Icy Invitation
Anna Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Friendship 2.png Anna Level 2
Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (180)

An Icy Invitation is a Friendship Quest available from Anna.

Quest Text

Anna has an idea for bringing Elsa to Dreamlight Valley.

Anna tells you that she thinks she's found a way to get Elsa to come to the Village. But first, you'll have to clear those pesky enchanted stumps blocking the bridge.

You discover mysterious Ice Caverns that Anna just knows Elsa would love to see.

You and Anna concoct a plan to deliver an invitation to Elsa that she won't be able to resist.

You intrigued Elsa with the photo of the Ice Cavern. She begins making plans to come visit Dreamlight Valley, where she'll be reunited with her sister again.


  • Follow Anna to the bridge in the Forest of Valor.png Forest of Valor
  • Talk to Anna about the stumps blocking the bridge in the Forest.
  • Search for the right book in Anna's House.
  • Bring the book to Anna.
  • Gather the materials to upgrade your shovel
Softwood.png Softwood (10)
Hardwood.png Hardwood (4)
Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot (4)
Tinkering Parts.png Tinkering Parts (3)
  • Craft the Shovel Blade at a Crafting Station
  • Use the Shovel Blade in your inventory
  • Remove the tree stumps blocking the wooden bridge in the Forest of Valor.png Forest of Valor
  • Talk to Anna to tell her the bridge is clear.
  • Visit the Ice Cavern with Anna
  • Take a picture of the Ice Cavern
  • Show the picture to Anna
  • Make sure you have Anna's Letter in your Backpack
  • Bring Anna's Letter to Elsa in the Frozen Realm
  • Tell Anna the good news.