Remy's House

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Remy's House
Remy's House.png
Type: House Icon.png House
Categories: House Icon.png Villager House
Residents: Remy
Unlock Quest: Menu Icon Quests.png An Important Night at the Restaurant Ratatouille (Universe).png Remy.png
Unlock Cost: Star Coin icon.png 2,000

Remy's House is a Villager House where Remy lives. It is a large Paris-style apartment building that matches the style of his restaurant, Chez Remy. It is unlocked during the Ratatouille Realm quest Menu Icon Quests.png An Important Night at the Restaurant and costs Star Coin icon.png 2,000 to construct. It can be placed anywhere in the Village on land on paved or unpaved ground.


Main article: Time.
Time Location
Icon Sleeping.png 12:00 AM Unavailable. Remy sleeping inside his home.
Dreamlight Valley.png 1:00 AM Open and available.
Icon Sleeping.png 9:00 PM Unavailable. Remy sleeping inside his home.

Environment Items


This location is involved in the following quests:

Realm Quests

Friendship Quests


The following items can be collected in this location:

Unlock Dialogue

Scrooge McDuck.png

Remy may be a wee chef, but he’s got refined tastes and grand expectations. If ya want a house that’s up to his standards, you’ll have to pay handsomely for it.

→  Let's make a big House for a little rat! (Use 2000 Star Coin icon.png)
Scrooge McDuck.png

With such a fine chef around, the Valley’s economy can really get cookin’!

→  I’ll come back later.
Scrooge McDuck.png

Well, make it quick! The Village economy could use a fine chef like Remy.


Remy's house interior.png