Beast's Greenhouse

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Beast's Greenhouse
Beast's Greenhouse.png
Proprietor: The Beast
Crafting Recipe: Greenhouse Base

Glass (20)
Dry Wood (10)
Gold Ingot (5)
Crystal (5)
Soil (30)

Unlock Quest: Menu Icon Quests.png A Gift in Crimson The Beast.pngFriendship 10.png

Beast's Greenhouse is a stall which offers free Flowers after a set amount of time. It is unlocked during The Beast's level 10 friendship quest A Gift in Crimson.

It provides two important benefits:

  • It generates Flowers at no cost, without needing to spend time Foraging. It can provide Flowers from any biome.
  • It is the only source of the Red Roses.

Which flowers appear cannot be controlled.


To unlock the greenhouse the Beauty and the Beast Realm need to be unlocked and The Beast needs to be at Friendship level 10. Speak to The Beast to begin the quest A Gift in Crimson. The following materials will need to be gathered:

Craft the greenhouse using these materials and it can then be placed in the Valley.


Beast's Greenhouse can be upgraded using Star Coins. Each upgrade level adds more possible Flowers, reduces the time until the next flower is generated, and increases the maximum capacity of Flowers.

Upgrade Level Upgrade Cost Flower Spaces Possible Flowers
Added to Pool
Flower Regen
Level 1 Place during Menu Icon Quests.png A Gift in Crimson The Beast.pngFriendship 10.png[1] 2 slots

Pink Hydrangea
Red Bell Flower
Red Falling Penstemon
Yellow Daisy

Level 2 Complete Menu Icon Quests.png A Gift in Crimson The Beast.pngFriendship 10.png 4 slots

Green Passion Lily
Pink Bromeliad
Purple Marsh Milkweed
Red Bromeliad
Red Rose

Level 3 Star Coin icon.png 10,000 6 slots

Blue Falling Penstemon
Purple Falling Penstemon
White Impatiens

Level 4 Star Coin icon.png 20,000 8 slots

Blue Hydrangea
Purple Rising Penstemon
White Daisy

Level 5 Star Coin icon.png 30,000 10 slots

Blue Star Lily
Orange Marsh Milkweed
Purple Bell Flower
White Marsh Milkweed

Level 6 Star Coin icon.png 40,000 12 slots

Pink Houseleek
Purple Impatiens
Red Passion Lily
White Passion Lily

Level 7 Star Coin icon.png 50,000 14 slots

Green Rising Penstemon
Orange Star Lily
Purple Hydrangea
Red Nasturtium

8m 33s
Level 8 Star Coin icon.png 60,000 16 slots

Blue Marsh Milkweed
Blue Passion Lily
Orange Houseleek
Orange Nasturtium

7m 30s
Level 9 Star Coin icon.png 70,000 18 slots

Red Daisy
White & Red Hydrangea
White & Pink Falling Penstemon
White Bell Flower

6m 39s
Level 10 Star Coin icon.png 80,000 20 slots 6m
  1. Note: Quest does not need to be completed in order to start cultivating flowers

Quest Objectives

Beast's Greenhouse is an objective during the following quests.

Quest Required Use
Menu Icon Quests.png A Gift in Crimson The Beast.pngFriendship 10.png 1 Place in the Valley

Upgrade Dialogue

Scrooge McDuck.png

If you make some improvements to the Beast's Greenhouse, you'll be able to cultivate even more rare flowers, and that'll mean a happier Village!

→  Let's spruce up the Beast's Greenhouse! (Use 10000 Star Coin icon.png)
Scrooge McDuck.png

Ah, isn't that a sight?! The Village is sure to have a lot more beautiful bouquets soon enough.

→  Perhaps some other time.
Scrooge McDuck.png

Curse me kilts! Stop wasting my time and find me when you're serious about investing in the Beast's Greenhouse.