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Realms are special areas which are accessed through doors inside the Dream Castle. Each realm is based on the film the characters inside come from.

To open each door requires Dreamlight, and inside there are characters which can be invited to move to the Valley.

Realm Doors

Symbol Realm Unlock Cost Realm Quests Characters
WALL-E Icon.png
WALL-E Realm Dreamlight.png 3,000 The Shy Little Robot WALL-E.png WALL-E
Moana Icon.png
Moana Realm Dreamlight.png 3,000 After the StormThe Great MauiHow Far You'll GoA Feast Worthy Of A Demigod Moana.png Moana
Maui.png Maui
Ratatouille Icon.png
Ratatouille Realm Dreamlight.png 3,000 An Important Night at the Restaurant Remy.png Remy
Frozen Realm Dreamlight.png 4,000 The Spirits Of NatureChasing The WindWelcoming AnnaWelcoming Elsa Anna.png Anna
Elsa.png Elsa
Toy Story.png
Toy Story Realm Dreamlight.png 7,000 A Secret Mission in Uncharted SpaceYou're My Favorite Deputy Woody.png Woody
Buzz Lightyear.png Buzz Lightyear