Ariel's Sea Castle

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Ariel's Sea Castle
Ariel's Sea Castle.png
Costs: Star Coin icon.png 5,000
Residents: Ariel.png Ariel
Found: Unlocked during quest
From: Menu Icon Quests.png The Lonely Island Ariel.png

Ariel's Sea Castle is a Character House where Ariel lives. It is a large coral sea-castle. It is unlocked during the Ariel Friendship quest The Lonely Island and costs Star Coin icon.png 5,000 to construct. It can only be placed in the Village on water.

Since it can be placed anywhere on water, including areas that the Player cannot access by foot, Ariel will always have the conversation option "Let's go see your House!", which will take the Player, Ariel, and any other following Characters to the location when selected.


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Time Location
Icon Valley.png
12:00 AM Open and available.
Icon Sleeping.png
6:00 AM Unavailable. Ariel sleeping inside her home.
Icon Valley.png
10:00 AM Open and available.

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This location is involved in the following quests:

Friendship Quests

  • TBA