The Secret Door

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The Secret Door
Mickey Mouse Quest
Mickey Mouse.png
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Quest Menu Icon Friendship.png
Prerequisites: Friendship 10.png Mickey Mouse Level 10

Unlock Biome
Sunlit Plateau

Rewards: Friendship (750)

Enchanting Fountain

The Secret Door is a Friendship Quest available from Mickey Mouse.

It's available after leveling Friendship with Mickey Mouse to level 10, and having unlocked the path to the Sunlit Plateau.

Quest Text

Mickey needs your help with something he found.

Minnie returned to the Village, bringing with her the memory of a magical chest Mickey hid. He has found it again but is unable to open it, and thinks you're the perfect candidate to try.

The chest turns into a Memory, and a discussion with Mickey puts you on the path toward a secret door -- hidden somewhere in Dreamlight Valley.

You find the secret door inside the Castle. Mickey remembers the second part of the riddle. Maybe it'll help you open it.


  • Try opening Mickey's chest in your inventory.
  • Talk to Mickey.
  • Refer to Mickey's Memory to find the secret door.
  • You found the door!
  • Use your magic on the curtain.
  • Talk to Mickey.
  • Use the riddle to unlock the Secret Door.
  • You did it! Go inside and see what's there.
  • What's in this secret room? Talk to Mickey to see what he remembers.

Puzzle Solutions

Spoiler: Finding the Secret Door

To find the Secret Door - go inside the Dream Castle, head immediately right and behind the plants beside the bottom of the stairs. There is a large purple curtain, and you'll be prompted to remove it to reveal the door at that stage of the quest.

Spoiler: Door Gem Puzzle

The door puzzle requires four gems to open:

Spoiler: Conspicuous Items

After completing the quest there are some items which can be collected from chests inside the secret room. On the floor there is a Conspicuous Book which can be picked up. Place it inside the Conspicuous Bookshelf just beside where it is found to open yet another secret room - with some valuable gems and items and a crafting station inside.