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Type: Menu Icon Characters.png Character
From: Beauty and the Beast
Voiced By: Julie Nathanson
House: Beast's Castle
Unlock Quest: Menu Icon Quests.png A Prince in Disguise Beauty and the Beast.png The Beast.png

Belle is a character from the film Beauty and the Beast (1991).

She can be unlocked after completing the the Realm Quest A Prince in Disguise and placing Beast's Castle anywhere in the Valley


Belle is unlocked after opening the Beauty and the Beast Realm for Dreamlight.png 12,500) and completing the quest A Prince in Disguise. During the quest Beast's Castle must be constructed for Star Coin icon.png 20,000, and as soon as the construction is complete Belle will move to the Valley.


Main article: Time
Time Location
Dreamlight Valley.png 12:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting her home.
Icon Sleeping.png 5:00 AM Unavailable. Sleeping inside her home.
Dreamlight Valley.png 9:00 AM Wandering the Valley or visiting her home.
Icon Eating.png 11:00 AM Chez Remy eating inside the Restaurant.
Dreamlight Valley.png 1:00 PM Wandering the Valley or visiting her home.
Icon Eating.png 10:00 PM Chez Remy eating inside the Restaurant.

Friendship Rewards

Belle will award the following rewards when Friendship levels are reached. Friendship can be leveled up through gifts, quests, conversation, or by hanging out.

Lvl Image Name Type
Friendship 2.png
Silver Platter Set.png
Silver Platter Set Furniture
Friendship 3.png
Chip and Glove Motif.png
Design Motif Motif
Friendship 4.png
Star Coin icon.png 500
Friendship 5.png
Enchanted Rose Varsity Jacket.png
Enchanted Rose Varsity Jacket Clothing
Friendship 6.png
Framed Phillipe Motif.png
Design Motif Motif
Friendship 7.png
Star Coin icon.png 1,000
Friendship 8.png
Grand Reading Nook.png
Grand Reading Nook Furniture
Friendship 9.png
Book Basket Motif.png
Design Motif Motif
Friendship 10.png
Royal Gold Ball Gown.png
Royal Gold Ball Gown[1] Clothing
Royal Gold Ballroom Suit.png
Royal Gold Ballroom Suit[1] Clothing
  1. 1.0 1.1 Rewarded after completing the quest The Chronicles of the Ancients (Friendship 10.png Belle Level 10)


Beast's Castle
Main article Beast's Castle


Realm Quests

Friendship Quests

Dream Styles

Style Name Unlocked
Belle Default.png
Belle Default appearance
Belle's Green Gown.png
Belle's Green Gown Starlight House Dream Bundle for Moonstone icon.png 4,000
Winter's Wonder Belle.png
Winter's Wonder Belle Royal Winter Star Path for Royal Winter Token.png 50 (T5 Premium)

General Dialogue


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