You're My Favorite Deputy

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You're My Favorite Deputy
Woody Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Realm Quest

Reward From: Woody.png Woody
Prerequisites: Toy Story.png Toy Story Realm

Menu Icon Quests.png A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space Toy Story.png Buzz Lightyear.png

You're My Favorite Deputy is a Toy Story Realm Quest available from Woody. It's available after opening the realm door to the Toy Story Realm in the Dream Castle and rescuing Woody during the Toy Story Realm Quest A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space.

This quest unlocks Woody and he moves to the Valley.

Quest Text

Wood needs your help restoring Bonnie's special arts and crafts project.

Now that you've rebuilt Bonnie's farm, you just need to wrangle the animals to make sure everything is just how she left it.

You wrangle Bonnie's animals and leave the room just the way she left it. Now that you've solved that crisis, Woody agrees to come visit Dreamlight Valley. But first he'll need somewhere to stay.

Woody has arrived in Dreamlight Valley. You suspect it might take him a little bit to adjust. Life here is a little more complicated than it was in Bonnie's room.


Ice Pop Stick.png Ice Pop Stick (8)
Pipe Cleaner.png Pipe Cleaner (5)
  • Bring the materials to Woody
  • Gather the rest of the materials in Dreamlight Valley:
Yellow Daisy.png Yellow Daisy (2)
  • Talk to Buzz about something to hold the farm together.
  • Make sure you have the following materials in your Inventory:
Yellow Daisy.png Yellow Daisy (2)
Adhesive Bonding Agent.png Adhesive Bonding Agent
  • Bring the materials to Woody in the Toy Story Realm
  • Go meet Woody at Bonnie's farm beside the bed.
  • Talk to Woody
  • Search the room for the Origami Animal.png Origami Animal (5)
  • Bring the Origami Animal.png Origami Animals to Woody.
  • Place Woody's Carousel in Dreamlight Valley.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of Woody's Carousel.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of Woody's Carousel.
  • Welcome Woody to the Village